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is it a diamond

hello i have a very strange rock that is a brown orange rock shaped almost hexagon. but has a spot that almost looks like a tongue sticking out. around that tongue area are crystals that set off my diamond tester . i found it on my boyfriends mothers property,in colorado by elk mountain estate canyon.


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Utah County Utah 4 months ago

RR Alfalfa and a cover crop

I am going to plant a new stand of alfalfa on 7 irrigated acres. Last year the acreage was in a trigrain mixture that was cut for forage. Would you recommend RR alfalfa and should I plant it with a cover crop?


Utah County Utah over 4 years ago

smoke tree removal or not

I have a purple smoke tree. While it is beautiful, it has grown on an angle as if to reach the sun. It is about 20 feet tall and we are trimming spring and fall to keep it from getting too tall. I also have a very large pine tree about 15 feet away that shades my yard.
I would like to plant a peach tree where the smoke tree is growing. Am I going to regret removing it because of the color and it's beauty? I also have two other pine trees, a flowing crab tree and clump aspens.


Utah County Utah about 5 years ago

What is this?

Search pulling up things like thistles and other flowers with too pokey of petals. Petals are flatter and more spread out.


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Utah County Utah almost 5 years ago

zoysia for a "hell strip"

We have a 3' x 100' "hell strip" that is just on the edge of our watering pattern. I have pushed the watering pattern as far as I can without jeopardizing other areas and I am wondering if I can use zoysia in the strip. I realize that zoysia prefers an acid soil and therefore not conducive to Utah, but if I acidify this area would I have a chance? If so, what and how much and how often is recommended? (Perhaps concrete is a better, less costly alternative in the long term? or gravel/rocks? or?)


Utah County Utah over 5 years ago

Mold or disease, crispy leaves on squash, pea, radish

Something is going wrong in my garden. The plants seem healthy overall, not wilting from lack of water. Some leaves brown. Young and older leaves brown on the edges. Overnight some leaves will turn pale whitish in coloring,, maybe a mold? But the leaves are dry and crispy when they are whitish. They are discolored, not a powdery coating, so maybe not mold. This is primarily on my spaghetti squash, but is also impacting peas and maybe radish leaves. I don't see bugs. This is my first garden, so I really need guideance.


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Utah County Utah over 7 years ago

Pine shrub disease

could you tell me what has infected my shrubs and how to fix it?



Utah County Utah over 5 years ago


Is it ok to cut back grape vines to within two leaves of the grape clusters to keep the grape vines from growing too long?


Utah County Utah about 1 year ago

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