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Can I take a hot chili pepper, just picked from from the plant, and cut into...

Can I take a hot chili pepper, just picked from from the plant, and cut into small slices and plant these for regrowth?


Etowah County AL over 4 years ago

Planting pepper

Can I take a hot chili pepper, just picked from from the plant, and cut into small slices and plant these for regrowth... without drying the seeds?


Etowah County AL vegetables propagating peppers over 4 years ago

Can you identify this spider

My wife found this spider when she came home from work a few weeks ago she killed it instantly. Can you identify the spider please?



Etowah County AL spiders spider identification over 5 years ago

What is this vine?

I just love these teeny, tiny trumpet flowers and the red-orange color with yellow center. I looked all over the net for them...what is it please?



Etowah County AL over 2 years ago

What is this vine?

This vine is wrapping around everything and only one of the flower cluster is blooming. Please - what is it?



Etowah County AL plant identification over 2 years ago

Giant Asian Hornet in Alabama?

I have seen these insects flying around my front yard on multiple occasions, mostly when I'm cutting grass. They seem to live in the ground. This week they were partially aggressive, so I went inside and found my can of wasp and hornet killer. They hovered over a particular piece of ground so I shut off the mower and walked over and saw a couple holes in the ground about the diameter of a quarter. I filled the holes with wasp and hornet killer. Didn't see them again. As for the description, my first instinct was to think of them as about the size of my thumb, about 1.5-2" long and about the same diameter as my thumb. In reality they are probably smaller, but still huge for a hornet looking bug. They are orange/Brown in color. I could not distinguish any markings like stripes. Maybe they have them maybe not. And they just look mean like a hornet. So to recap: about 1.5" body, orange/brown, live in a hole in the ground, looks like a hornet. Could this be the Giant Asian Hornet? I've read that the European Hornet looks similar and I've seen pics that could fit what I saw except these guys seem to coming out of holes in the ground. Thanks for your help. I have five children 8 and under. I want to make sure they can play in the front yard.


Etowah County AL insect issues over 3 years ago

Trimming leaves

Can you trim the leaves off of squash and zucchini plants to help with overcrowding?


Etowah County AL over 2 years ago


Could u identify this I found n my closet?


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Etowah County AL insect identification about 1 month ago

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