Uintah County, Utah

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The mustard thing.

Thanks for your expertise. It is beginning to freeze here at night. But if I can preserve it covered and send to you I sure will. Do you think it came out of the wild see packet? And why did it lay dormant for over 3 years? We have other mustard weed plants here that spread and need sprayed, but it looks nothing like this.
Thank you so much for your work.
Pam Woodward


Uintah County Utah almost 6 years ago

Feeding poultry

I am highly allergic to soy, as well as the meat of any animals fed or processed with soy. Thus, I either avoid eating commercially grown and processed meat and poultry or grow our own. Last year we bought 25 slow growth CornishX chicks and raised them on a diet free of soy. Of course they grew slower without the soy but all lived. We also feed our layers a soy free diet supplemented with beef scraps. I have been able to eat the meat of those chickens without any signs of allergic reaction.

This year we are raising 6 turkeys. Our poults are 5 days old and are eating a commercial turkey poult starter. When they have finished this bag of starter I would like to make a gradual switch to soy free feed, as we do with our laying hens. I am concerned with the protein level in a home mixed feed for turkeys.

I would appreciate any guidance you can provide regarding their diet. We currently feed our hens a mix of corn, red wheat, white wheat, sunflower seed, winter peas, millet, & kelp, plus beef scraps & alfalfa meal and yard clippings. Originally, oats were included in this mix but I have since become allergic to them. Thank you.


Uintah County Utah over 6 years ago

What is this?

While hiking in Utah near Dinosaur National Park found these marking on what I believe is a Pinon Tree.

Are they from Native Americans?
If so what do they mean / where can I go to learn more?

Or are they just a bug / animal eating the bark.



Uintah County Utah about 4 years ago

Unknown plant

Hello! My husband and I just moved to this new duplex and we have several fruit trees out back. They are all in pretty bad shape and haven't been given the water or care needed to produce full sized or healthy fruit. I am having trouble identifying this tree and whether or not the fruit is edible when ripe. I would like to know what it is, if it's edible, and how to know if it's ripe.



Uintah County Utah about 4 years ago

Planting alfalfa in barley stubble

Would like advice on planting alfalfa in barley stubble.


Uintah County Utah over 6 years ago

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