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raspberry plants dying

do you know why my raspberry plants are dying.. The leafs wilt and the stems have brown oblong spots and when the stems look almost dead, they are still green , they breakoff at the bottom of the stem where it is all around the stem brown. I have had this patch for over 15 years end it has spread out quite a bit. Not much room between plants


Tooele County Utah 24 days ago

Protein content of grain and other livestock feeds.

Is there a lab somewhere that can test barley and sprouted barley grass for the percentage of protein it has? We are using both barley and sprouted barley grass, that is grown in a hydroponic system for consumption by our livestock, pigs, laying hens and a cow.


Tooele County Utah almost 6 years ago

Marek's Disease

We had a chicken that, we learned after researching, showed signs of having Marek's disease. It was unable to use its legs and just lay back on its rear end. We put down the chicken and did not butcher it for consumption. Upon reading further and seeing how contagious this disease can be to our remaining flock, we have a few questions. First, is an infected animal able to be consumed? What about eggs? Are there other diseases or infections that have similar symptoms?

We have a backyard flock. We have 7 meat birds, 8 layers, and 2 turkeys. They have run of an area of about 800 square feet. What do we need to do to ensure our other birds don't get sick? I read that this virus seemingly lies dormant for some time. What are the chances that our other birds are already infected? Which brings me back to, can they be consumed? If we find that we have to continually put birds down, we would like to be able to use the meat. Please advise this "backyard bumpkin."


Tooele County Utah about 7 years ago

Mold on raspberries?

We have a case of raspberries from California that appear to have a slight, light powdery layer inside the berries. A few show mold on the outside. Are the ones without obvious mold OK to eat? Can these be used for freezer jam?


Tooele County Utah about 5 years ago

dead lawn

Our back lawn is yellow, but it has patches of green in it. It has been fertilized. Where it is yellow it seems bumpy, but where it is green the ground is smoother. what could be causing this and how do I fix it.


Tooele County Utah about 7 years ago

Yellow spots on red leaf lettuce

I have yellow spots on my red lettuce leafs and am not sure why? I used organicide which is a oil organic blend. Too much light? Are they edible?


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Tooele County Utah over 3 years ago

No Beans

I have six raised garden boxes, and have raised bush beans for many years. This year, my beans look fantastic as far as foliage, but I get very few green beans. Any ideas?


Tooele County Utah about 6 years ago

Should I be worried...

I found this nest of catepillars on my bush yesterday. I have been told Netle, painted lady, or tent catepillars. Can you help me?



Tooele County Utah over 7 years ago

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