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Watering transplanted blue spruce trees in the Fall

We live in Blanding and planted 52 new 4-6 ft. trees in March 2016. We have been watering them 3 times a week (about 10 gallons per watering). Now that it has cooled off and turning fall, how often do they need watered?


San Juan County Utah about 4 years ago

growing a test of guar

Dear sirs
I am looking to do a test plot 10 acres of guar in utah any info on growing would be helpful.
I cannot seem to locate a source for seed 100 - 200 lbs.
Talked to west texas Guar if I got a crop sending small quantity back to texas panhandle doesn't make business sense please help me find a seed source From what I have researched you have modified this seed?


San Juan County Utah over 5 years ago

Aspen trees raining

We have been experiencing a drought and I notice the Quaking Aspen are dropping a substance that looks just like a varnish. Is this a protective mechanism? Or is it something that happens when a drought occurs. We had a very severe drought last year followed by a deep snow year, followed by a dry summer.


San Juan County Utah about 1 year ago

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