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Quinoa Research

Hello -I viewed a webinar on your website. It was created February 2013. It was about research on Quinoa breeding, varietal selection and agronomy at Washington State University. It showed USU as a collaborator. Here is URL to the webinar. Http:// live in Garden City, Utah near Bear Lake and I am interested in finding the best variety of Quinoa to grow in my area. At this time do you know what that variety that would be and who sales the seeds? Is the USU also experimenting with Quinoa growth in Utah conditions? If so who at the USU is involved in this research? I would like to keep in touch with them and ask questions.Thanks much,
Trenton Snow


Rich County Utah about 7 years ago

which apple?

Last winter, rabbits peeled the bark from one of our young apple trees. We thought the tree was dead, but over the summer, many shoots have come up from the root of this tree. These shoots are about 3' high now.. Questions: 1. How do we choose which shoot (s) to keep to grow into another tree? 2. When is the best time to cut back the shoots we do not need - now? later this fall? Next spring? 3. Should we cut back the old, dead tree, which is about 5' tall?


Rich County Utah about 4 years ago


Two questions:
1. We had lots of blossoms on our apple tree this spring, so were expecting lots if apples. Alas! There are only a handful of tiny apples now. What happened? We had a fair crop last year. The tree (a volunteer) is several years old, located about 6500 ft near Garden City, Ut. It suffered some rabbit damage ladt winter but appears healthy now.t
2. We plantex zuchinni in a 17 gal container, set up a drip watering system, then leftfor a couple of weeks. Returned to find little fruits forming, but the leaves are marked with a whitish mottling. I will try to send pic. Wondering what is causing it and if I sbould be worried.


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Rich County Utah about 4 years ago

Strawberry Wisdom

Live in Garden City. Want to plant some everbearing strawberries that will grow here and a location to buy them.

All help appreciated.



Rich County Utah over 7 years ago

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