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Utah 2014 4-H census

I have a copy of a 2012 paper titled A Tribute to 4-H in 2012 with the number of 4-H volunteers in Utah and the number of Youth in Utah is there a similar paper for the 2014 year? If so I would like to request a copy of it for a bulletin board in the Morgan County office. Thank You, Kelly S. Carter


Morgan County Utah over 5 years ago

Why is my lawn dead?

My lawn was fine going into last winter. TruGreen has been maintaining it with six treatments in 2013 and the lawn looked quite nice. However, this year, while other lawns in the neighborhood are coming up green, the majority of my lawn looks like it was killed off (as if grass killer was applied). There are spots where it is not as bad around the permiter, but if a rake were to be applied, it would pull off all the dead yellow grass that is on the surface. Upon further inspection, there is no root structure left in tact.

Is there any independent way to determine what killed my lawn? TruGreen said they would respond within two business days, but that was two business days ago. They now tell me it will be two more business days. I'm frustrated with their lack of help so far. I'm concerned that an ignorant or disgruntled employee caused the problem.


Dead_lawn_300x300%2523 Dead_lawn_-_closeup_300x300%2523

Morgan County Utah over 6 years ago

Bee Question

We had an odd looking bee come to our hive. It did not get into the hive or seem to harm our honey bees. We do not know what kind of bee it is. We are hoping you can help us identify it. It is the black looking one that is just flying up to the hive in the picture.



Morgan County Utah over 6 years ago

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