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Very short half life herbicide for controlling Russian thistle (Salsola tragus L.)

I want to restore land infested with Russian thistle (Salsola tragus L., Synonyms Salsola iberica Sennen & Pau or Salsola kali L.). The land is located in southern Utah about 5 miles north of Arizona (Kanab, Utah). I am going to drill in a mix of grass seed and forb seed obtained from Granite Seed Company. The soil is a red, heavy silt (probably contains a fair amount of clay) that is derived from Moenkopi mudstone. Before reseeding I plan to mow the Russian thistle and collect the clippings plus seed and destroy them.

The question that I want answered is: Is there a very short half life herbicide that can be used to eradicate emerging Russian thistle seedlings before I drill in the seed mix that will be used for re-vegetation that will not kill the seedlings of re-vegetation mix.


Kane County Utah over 4 years ago

What plant is this??

I am a backcountry/photography guide out of Kanab Utah. In the area of the Vermilion Cliffs and Grand Staircase Escalante, I have seen and photographed this plant. It grows in the "Hanging Garden" type environment among the Navajo Sandstone. It forms very green mounds that cling to the walls, many "spider" type root systems into the cracks, and now it has these tiny 2" tall "puff ball" flower heads. We have tried to find the name via research to no avail...can you help??


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Kane County Utah about 4 years ago

Blue Spruce failure

I have a mature Blue Spruce here in Kanab which is slowly failing from the top down and from the end of the branches in.
I have watered this tree over the years but have finally cut back as that hasn't seemed to matter one way or the other.
Have not seen any pests on bark or branch either


Kane County Utah almost 7 years ago

Location of Euphorbia plebus (Petty surge, radium weed)

Can you give me a location to explore to find Euphorbia plebus (petty surge)
in Kane county.
Thank you


Kane County Utah almost 7 years ago

Identity insects

Please help me to identify these insects. Are they friend or foe? Picture taken early November 2015



Kane County Utah almost 5 years ago

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