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Grape vines

I have several varieties of grapes, given to me; some are green with seeds. I do not know the variety. I live on Utah's desert. Each year most of the vines produce super long vines, and quite prolific. However one vine, about eight years old, always makes vines but no grapes. Why?


Juab County Utah about 7 years ago

Border Disease or ?

We have had several lambs this year (3 to be exact) that have developed neurological symptoms around weaning. Two of the lambs were twins, the third only related through the ram. Their symptoms vary day to day in severity. One day they are shaking so bad they can even stand and even appear to have seizures. Other days they walk around just fine but still have the "crazy" neurological eyes. We had one necropsied. Histological lesions in the brain were consistant with Border Disease or copper deficiency. We ran a full 29 element screen all came back normal. We sent tissues off for Border Disease and they came back negative. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with something like this.


Juab County Utah about 6 years ago

Maple tree problem

One maple tree in my yard started getting leaves late; now the leaves have dried up. The tree has no sign of borers, is still flexible in trunk and branches, and there is nothing visible on branches or trunk. I have no problems with the other maple trees. Not sure whether it is a golden or silver maple; I have both in my backyard, which were here when we bought the house. There are tall columnar poplars by this tree also.


Juab County Utah over 5 years ago

Yellowing Leaves on pumpkin plant

I have what seems to be a healthy and aggressively growing Cinderella Pumpkin plant that I started from seed. After transplanting into the garden it had a about a week that it looked like the leaves were turning yellow with browning on the edges but I sprayed with a soapy mixture and it seemed to go away and thrive. It has tons of flowers and 5+ growing pumpkins actively growing but the leaves have started to turn yellow. (no browning) I did notice squash bugs and eggs present on the leaves which I removed and then sprayed with Malathion the label specified I could use it on pumpkins for squash bugs. it seemed to get better but the yellowing as not lessened and i am noticing that the newer leaves are now beginning to yellow. other than the yellowing the plant looks healthy. I also added some Epson salt around the root area. We have this on a drip system but unfortunately construction in the area has turned off our irrigation periodically messing with our watering schedule. I have tried to keep a watchful eye to make sure the timer still has watered if irrigation interruption had occurred that day but ultimately it hasn't been the most consistent watering cycle. Could this be the cause or is more likely disease or insect issues? This plant is on the same drip line system as our tomatoes and peppers and they seem to be doing fine. early on the tomatoes looked to be getting too much water so we did back down on watering a little. we have them all on a 2 GPH emitters. I did have a smaller pumpkin plant that showed the same symptoms but wilted and eventually died. I am trying hard to Not let that happen to this plant. 2 of the pumpkins are over 8" wide right now with a handful of small apricot size ones. Any help or advise would be appreciated! Yellowing is not in spot's but more like it follows the vain pattern of the leaves.


Juab County Utah about 1 month ago

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