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Iron County Utah almost 7 years ago

I have an indoor planting area. From about October to March it gets full sun...

I have an indoor planting area. From about October to March it gets full sun through south facing windows. We planted tomatoes in October and they grew great. Now that it is June they are struggling in the indirect light. The tomatoes that were on the vine have basically stopped growing. Also our banana plant has really slowed down in growth. I want to plant a lemon and orange tree,flowers, corn, potatoes and things like that. Do we need to install some grow lights for the summer months. If so, what kind of lights. Or is there anything else we are doing wrong. For the longest time I thought the tomatoes needed more water and fertilizer, but now I'm realizing that it is the absence of direct sun. Any help would be appreciated. The temperature stays about 70-80 year round. Thanks, Jon


Iron County Utah about 5 years ago

Can a Utah Town form a conservation land trust?

Hello, I am from Brian Head Utah, The town is struggling with how best to protect the remaining 35% of Town meadow that runs adjacent to Hwy 143. There is significant resistance to handing the land to a 3rd party, and if the Town retains the land without any changes it is not permanently protected. I was wondering, after reading an Extension publication if we could do the following. 1. Form a 501c3 Conservation Land Trust 2. Transfer the development rights for targeted town property to the trust via an Easement. Does this sound feasible?


Iron County Utah about 4 years ago

Leaves dry and brown

We planted 4 aspen trees a few weeks ago. I think 2 are Swedish. And maybe 2 are Norweigen. Not sure. They all look alike. But the leaves are yellow and browning and some a little dry and crispy. They are still alive. I know it's not fall leaves. This started not too long after we planted them when it was still very much in the Summer. HELP! No picture available yet.


Iron County Utah almost 3 years ago

Fruit trees in Kanarraville

I have 20 acres in Kanarraville, Utah. 10 miles south of cedar city in iron county. What is my best bet for fruit trees and berry bushes?


Iron County Utah over 6 years ago

animal track identification

I'm wondering if someone can help me identify these tracks. Each was taken from different locations in the Mountains above Summit in Iron County.


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Iron County Utah almost 6 years ago


That is actually a relief. I assumed I over watered. I filled the bowls until they ran over and would be still damp the next day. But I watered anyway, everyday. We have already had a couple of frosts and our veg garden froze but these trees still have a little green in there leaves.
We also transplanted 3 small evergreens from our family property that my sister sold. I had to take some things from home with me. I was afraid that the most important part of the roots were broken off. This was the beginning of the summer. I also watered every day. They actually have new growth. Does this mean they will survive?
I also took rose cuttings. What's the best way to plant those. They are extremely important to me. Very sentimental reasons!
I also need advice transplanting a pecan tree branch.the pecans are green.

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Iron County Utah almost 3 years ago

Soil sterilants

I have a non-crop field that has 'millions' of Russian Thistle 1"-3' plant lets emerging right now, with lots of other unwanted broadleaf and grass weede, all less than 3'. I want to kill all the growing weeds AND have residual protection...preferably for years. I have access to Round-Up and 2,4 D, which I have used for the past 5 years, but would love to sterilize. The space is about 1/2 acre. Can U recommend a sterilant.(maybe granular) that I can get at the local IFA, Cal Ranch or Home Depot? It could work for 5 years, even! Thanks,


Iron County Utah over 7 years ago

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