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Are there now, or will there be peaches available for freezing this month? I don’t want to drive all the way from Moab if I can’t get them.

Thank you for your help.


Grand County Utah about 1 month ago

treatment of elm seed beetles

I have an infestation of elm seed beetles and have sprayed with ________ to no effect. Is there a spray to control/kill them? What is the general life span? How can I prevent an infestation in the future?


Grand County Utah over 1 year ago

Neighbors overgrown elm saplings killing my lawn!

I've dug out roots across my lawn 6in. round, 15ft long from my neighbors overgrown yard! These roots are killing my plants and lawn by taking all the water, not to mention I am watering and enabling the overgrowth! Fence line riddled with saplings too big to dig without removing chain link. No help from neighbor, any suggestions? I want them dead!...The trees, not the neighbors!


Grand County Utah almost 3 years ago

How will extremely hard water affect vegetable gardening?

I am considering buying some property near Moab, and the well water has a hardness of 1400 ppm (I believe this is total dissolved solids). Some of the locals have told me that some plants don't do well under these conditions, but I'm having trouble getting more details. I know about the problems with household appliances and plumbing, but what can you tell me about how water like this will affect vegetable gardening? My question is not about the irrigation equipment, but the well-being of the plants. Thank you.


Grand County Utah over 5 years ago

Sick Birds??

Our chickens are 5 weeks old. One has been sickly for 4 days other bird were pecking at its butt. We put in a different cage. For a couple days.
Today that one died and another bird was dead too. The one the was sick had a water bubble under one of the wings. What could be happening???


Grand County Utah over 2 years ago

Can you help me identify these?

I have looked at the NPS plant lists but I can't identify these two plants. I'm writing a curriculum resource and I want to be sure I have the plants accurately identified.

Both photos were taken in a riparian habitat just outside of Arches National Park, this week (Oct. 14, 2015).
The first (shrub with fruits) was taken at eye level to me (I'm about 5'4"). I'd estimate that the shrub was no more than six feet tall.

The second photo was taken nearby. I would estimate that the plant was about 12"-18" tall.

I appreciate any help you're able to give me.


Red_fruits_on_shrub_at_arches_300x300%2523 White_seed_head_300x300%2523

Grand County Utah almost 5 years ago

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