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tumble weeds

How do you kill them?


Duchesne County Utah about 4 years ago

What kind of tree is this?

Hi, we have this tree in our yard and we have not seen one like this before. It has a fruit on it that has stems. The front is smooth and on the inside has a larger soft seed like center.


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Duchesne County Utah over 4 years ago

prevelance of "loco weed" species in Grand County Colorado

I HAVE a question about the prevelance of "loco weed" species that may be present in cattle pastures in Grand County, Colorado, specifically near Kremling. As a veterinarian in Utah ,I have recently been involved with three cow calf herds that had leased summer pasture near Kremling. The herds were forced to return home to the Utah ranches early because of high death losses in the calves related to "High mountain disease" symptoms. Necropsies so far have not indicated any infectious disease ( pneumonia). One of the herds has peers pasturing in Wyoming with no similar symptoms. It is my clinical impression that the problem has more components than simple high altitude and am considering toxic plants and or mineral deficiencies as contributing factors. I appreciate any help. Nelson H. Duncan DVM


Duchesne County Utah about 5 years ago

Canning Meat, Venison, etc. at 7,000 ft.

The canning process for quarts of raw meet in a weighted-gauge pressure canner says 90 minutes at 15lb pressure. Do I have to increase the time? I have read that when you are canning other type of food, if sea level processing time is 20 minutes or less, increase time by 1 minute per 1,000 feet. If sea level processing time is more than 20 minutes, increase by 2 minutes per 1,000 feet. Does this apply when processing raw meet? Your prompt answer will be greatly appreciated.



Duchesne County Utah almost 5 years ago

Possible potawatomi plum?

Hi, we just moved into this house this year and we don't know what this plant is. It has large and small leaves. Some are dark green and others are light green with dark veins. It has only a couple fruit. I picked one that was a purple color. The meat smells like an apricot and tastes bitter.


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Duchesne County Utah about 4 years ago

I found this growing in mid August after digging up a wild seed bed. Covered...

I found this growing in mid August after digging up a wild seed bed. Covered the rest of ground with black plastic and this came up on side. Just left it to see what it grew into. Had a leaf that looked like cabbage when small. Is it a weed?



Duchesne County Utah almost 6 years ago

well water

How do we treat are well water for drinking? Are tds are 2800 ND are sodium is off the charts at 900. Will these 2thing ruin are pipes in house?


Duchesne County Utah about 4 years ago

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