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ultra gel vs clear gel

Can you please tell me the differences between cornabys Ultra Gel and Clear Gel (like I can purchase at Gregorys wheat shop in Bountiful). I have heard Ultra gel is non-GMO and much healthier than corn starch. Can you please give me info on these. thanks


Davis County Utah almost 7 years ago

composting windfall apricots and apples

Is it safe to compost apricots and apples, or can the pits and seeds contaminate the soil with cyanide which will later be taken up by vegetables?


Davis County Utah about 6 years ago

Maple tree having major problems

We have two maple trees in our front yard that are normally healthy with dark green leaves. Last year one of our trees had really yellow leaves with dark green veins that turned brown on the edges and fell off really early during the year. We tried spraying an iron mixture onto the leaves but it didn't seem to help. This year our second maple tree is showing the same signs. Also, now both trees have most of the limbs and leaves covered with white pods that look like cocoons. We are trying to save these trees before they die and we don't really know what to do at this point. Please help!



Davis County Utah over 4 years ago

yellow spots in lawn

My neighbor and I both have V-shaped yellow spots in our lawn. We live in Clinton, Davis County. The shapes appear, then gradually turn green again while new yellow shapes appear somewhere else in the lawn. Any idea what is causing these?


Davis County Utah over 6 years ago

What is this?

I don't know what this plant is.



Davis County Utah over 4 years ago


Would Walnut tree branches and leaves work well in a compost for a garden?


Davis County Utah over 7 years ago

Training melons

What is a guideline for growing melons in rows separated by irrigation ditches?

Would there be a problem if some of the vines crossed the ditches?

Alan Gould


Davis County Utah about 7 years ago

Redwood Deck Planks

I have an upper level redwood deck at my house and when you look up at the bottom of the deck planks there is a green (fungus? mold?) accumulating on the bottom of some of the deck planks. I am wondering what that green stuff is.
Please see the attached picture. I hope this is not a health hazard, whatever it is. Hope you can shed some light on this for me!

Thanks in advance!



Davis County Utah over 7 years ago

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