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Maple with yellow leaves all summer

I have a maple tree in my yard that has had yellow leaves all summer. Actually, the veins are green and the rest of the leaf is yellow. A branch or two on one side are pretty much normal, all green. Other trees in the neighborhood have the same problem. We planted our tree about 10 years ago and it has been this way for maybe the last three years. Does it need some kind of fertilizer? Or??

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Larimer County CO 3 months ago

ditch flood irrigation and berms

Hello. I live in Berthoud and have ~ 2 acres. Once or twice a year, I get irrigation water that runs down a ditch and I put up temp damns and flood my fields. I get 30 inches of water in a 24 hour period and it is a lot. The field is relatively flat with a low point in the middle. Mostly the water runs down to the low point and flows to the goat barn and shelter and floods the area in front. I was thinking maybe some berms would be helpful to direct the water away from the livestock dry lot and maybe direct the water to areas currently not getting any water. Are their any resources on the best way to build berms here in Colorado? Would it be best to plant grass on the berm or should I fence off the area and no some xeriscaping?


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Larimer County CO 5 months ago

Grey water use

In Fort Collins is it yet officially allowed to collect water drained from tub and sinks for landscape use?

Larimer County CO 7 months ago

Shade tree for clay soil

I live in Berthoud in a new housing development and want to plant a shade tree in my backyard. The soil is all clay. What is a good choice? Would prefer a tree whose roots grow down and not at surface. We plan on retiring here so will be here for a while and want to balance rate of growth, but we don't want to wait 15 years to benefit from it. We've looked at the info that has been put out, but it is almost too many choices. I think the driver is the soil. We want it to thrive.

Larimer County CO 7 months ago

Crop Water Use as Compared to Economic Return


I am curious really about two topics. First, is there a source for crop water usage? I would like to compare, say, safflower and corn or something like that. I am having trouble pinning down water usage by crop on the internet. Second, I am curious about the economic return vs. water input for various crops. Which are the best in this category? Is there a way to measure this reliably?

Larimer County CO 8 months ago

Installation of an irrigation weir

I need advice and guidelines on how to install a 6", 9" or 12" weir for measurement of irrigation water volume. Is there a publication for this? Thanks. JF

Larimer County CO 9 months ago

Hemp production

Wanting information for hemp production, starting from soil condition and preparation to seed selection,nutrition,harvesting,marketing

Larimer County CO over 1 year ago

Do you have any idea what is causing one area of my lawn to look brown with dark green splotches

Hello. There is one area of our lawn that looks very odd. I'm attaching a photo. The guy who fertilizes our lawn 4 times a year says it looks like animal pee and extra fertilizer was put on the lawn. We have no pets and did not put anything on our lawn. We are near the foothills in southwest Loveland and do have deer, rabbits, and an occasional bear, but nothing on a regular basis that is in our yard. Would appreciate any help you could give as to what is causing the problem. Thank you so much.


Larimer County CO over 1 year ago

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