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trees for high altitude desert

I have a home in Columbia, Utah up against the Book Cliffs. I am at 6200 feet and am interested in planting a couple of trees that will grow fast. One to the south of my house needs to be not too tall for possible solar later and it's position is 20' away from the house....that is the only place it can go. The other is to shade a patio and will be on the east side of the house. Size is not so important but would like a tree you can sit under, with a canopy. Thanks


Carbon County Utah over 7 years ago

Yeast bread recipe

Will you please give me the yeast bread recipe that was published in a booklet that you wrote. My booklet was lost in a move. I would love to buy another booklet if it is available.


Carbon County Utah over 6 years ago

poplar borer

If a tree has a poplar borer and the tree is cut down, how long will the borer survive in the wood that has been prepared for firewood? If the firewood is transported to another location, would there be a risk of the firewood infecting trees in the other location?


Carbon County Utah about 7 years ago

Planting Bee Happy Flowers

We have a beautiful home in Clear Creek Utah 84256. I spend alot of time there with my partner. He is a BeeKeeper. There are two hives in Clear Creek. Which producted 21 gallons of honey in 2014. The BeeKeeper also has two hives in West Jordan Utah. Which did not do so well. He loves his bees and takes very good care of them with alot of pampering. One thing that we are curious about is what flowers bushes or trees we can plant at 8200 feet. To me it seems there are not alot of wildflowers here. My partner encourages people to have hives in there yards. This is a very small community. So far we have one person that is on board. Looking forward to your response


Carbon County Utah over 5 years ago

Poplar Borer question #2

Follow up to previous borer question. Thanks for your answer. The only evidence of borers in these 25 year old poplar trees has been alot of sap. When I've looked at the pictures on the internet, I see tracks, tunnels, etc. I've not seen anything like that in the logs that we've cut. Is the sap an indication of only borers or can it be something else. In the same area, we have planted a couple of weeping birch. Will these trees be affected by the same borer? Thanks


Carbon County Utah about 7 years ago

White Mine Spider

This spider came from one of our coal mines here in Utah. Can anyone tell me what kind it is. The biggest one was the size of a quarter.



Carbon County Utah 10 months ago

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