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Time frame from digestion to death

How long does it take for a horse to show signs that he has eat hay contaminated with botulism also could an animal such as a cat crawl into a hay stack and die could this produce botulism


Beaver County Utah over 7 years ago

How can I save my rose bush

early spring the bushes were green and covered with buds and bloomed. I noticed the leaves has tiny while spots. I think it had aphids and there was a white fly. I sprayed with cooking oil and dish soap water mix. some leaves are curling and a few tan spots. No buds are setting. I bought a spray but had to wait to use it because of the first treatment with oil. it has been about three weeks now. They don't look healthy. Can I save them and will pruning help or hurt. This is my first experience with roses. I am a hover gardner Thanks Ila Smith


Beaver County Utah 3 months ago

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