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Indoor Potato Plant Problem

I have yellow leaves beginning on my indoor potato plants! They are non gmo organic potatoes, and I water when the soil feels dry (about twice a week with approx one 2 liter bottles of water). It is my first time growing anything, could you please help me identify what is happening or how to correct it?


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Young County Texas about 1 month ago

Why did our green beans not produce ?

we have a large garden in which we planted green beans and there are approximately 2 feet high , well bushed, well watered with automatic sprinklers, approximately 1 inch of water per week, but they have not produced any beans. they have some blooms but they seem to just fall off and not set beans. the garden is well cultivated, and we have been using some horse and cattle stall cleanings which contain a small amount of urine, manure, and wood shavings.


Young County Texas almost 2 years ago

Water Testing Guidelines

I just drilled a water well on my ranch and have tested it for salt content. I'd like to know if there are guidelines for acceptable levels of contaminants for specific uses (livestock watering, irrigation, human consumption, etc)., what contaminants should I test for (depending on proposed use).


Young County Texas about 7 years ago

New to Texas Agrilife Extension

I have tried multiple times to answer questions and cant get it to respond.

Justin Rogers

Texas Agrilife Extension

Young County


Young County Texas about 4 years ago

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