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spinach seed

Is it to late to grow spinach from seed?


Wood County TX over 7 years ago

desiel fuel spill

TxDot was doing some work on the FM road in front of my house. One of the workers was driving a truck and drove onto my grass that I have been actively trying to get to grow. I think diesel fuel was spilled in two separate places. In one day, the affected area is dead. What can I do to repair the damage? Shirley in Mineola


Wood County TX almost 7 years ago


when can I dig up my cannas and move them to another part of my garden


Wood County TX almost 7 years ago

Crepe mytles

Sorry for the misspelling

I have six crepes my planted my along driveway. My wife college roommate was here from Louisiana and I cut off a sample for her husband to look at, He said I have three problems



3-White Flies

What treatment can I do?


Wood County TX almost 6 years ago


Will Texas Sage do well as a hedge in Wood County, Texas?


Wood County TX almost 5 years ago

Why does the fruit fall off my plum trees before it matures?

I have a Santa Rosa plum tree that is about 7 years old and have never gotten a plum from it. The tree was loaded with plums last year (about the size of a thumbnail), and the next day they were all on the ground. This year the blooms all froze. Why do they fall off before maturing?


Wood County TX about 6 years ago

zozsia grass

the grass is browning even though it is watered often


Wood County TX almost 6 years ago

get rid of snakes in shop

I have recently converted a car port to a shop. I have discovered the third snake (Copperhead). Have used the old wives' remedies of moth balls and sulfur. The problem is becoming serious.


Wood County TX about 4 years ago

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