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Types of pasture grass

I am moving to Alvord Texas to start a small farm. The pasture is overrun with what looked to be yellow babies breath. And other various weeds. I would like to know what grasses I can plant in order to help Control these weeds. In other words what grasses grow good and are good for pastors in Alvord Texas


Wise County Texas pastures and forages about 3 years ago

Invasive Underground (vine)

Plant appears to be a vine above ground, but travels at least 50 ft. under ground. Has 2in violent flowers that will open in 2 days. Treating each instance above ground doesn't stop it. It just pops up 2 ft away.


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Wise County Texas about 3 years ago

leaf wilt in red oak....progress?

what is the latest treatment to save red oak trees from leaf wilt?


Wise County Texas oaks over 6 years ago

a plant or we'd have noticed that sometimes it blooms bright pink flowers but everyone says it's a weed

Please get back to me soon they want to get rid of it as asap.
Thank you so much,
Bo Roscoe



Wise County Texas horticulture over 3 years ago

grass has purple leaves

why rye grass have purple leaves not all grass is purple . has green leaves and purple. did not ferlitze



Wise County Texas pastures and forages about 5 years ago

When is best time to spread winter rye grass seed for pasture?

When is the best time to spread winter rye grass seed for pastures? This will be annual rye.


Wise County Texas pastures and forages rye about 6 years ago

chinese pistachios tree

I have a 7 year old chinese pistachios tree. I haven't had any problems with it, but this spring I have branches at the top with no leaves, I don't know if these branches are dead, there was no damage done to this tree, I'm not sure what is going on, any suggestions. I have another 20 year old pistachio tree and it looks find.


Wise County Texas trees and shrubs over 3 years ago

high nitrates in sudan hay

we have sudan hay that has been tested at 6,500 ppm nitrates. is this safe to feed to my cattle?


Wise County Texas pastures and forages over 6 years ago

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