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Acorn weevils

I have Black Jack oaks and Post Oaks on my Wilson County TX property. I would like to harvest the acorns to process for food, but want to decrease losses from buggy acorns. My soil is very sandy with clay below. When and how should I treat the soil to kill these bugs? I prefer to use non-toxic treatments.


Wilson County Texas over 4 years ago

What bit me

My son got woken up by a flying bug that stung him on his finger then it stung him again on his arm. Thirty minutes went by and his finger and arm swell with alot of pain. And he's saying his mouth , throat feels numb. Can you please let us know what kind of flying bug leaves this kind of reaction? Thank you


Wilson County Texas about 1 year ago

New cypress tree

I have a new cypress tree and the older leaves turned a rusty green. The new leaf growth has a nice green color. Tree is about 6 ft tall. It's growing in mixed dark soil. I live in the Stockdale area 78160. Thanks


Wilson County Texas almost 5 years ago

Moving rose bushes

I have two, hybrid i think, roses (they are the double roses that bloom with multiple flowers. they have been in the location 5 years and even after triming thay are 8 feet tall now. I need to move them but do not want to kill them. I was reading to try and get 9 inch of root ball out from the drip line but I will not be able to do this due to were they are (right up against the house with in a shrub line) When and how would I get these moved. I live out near la vernia.I also would like to move them to a location that gets the full afternoon sun. would that be okay they are currently only getting a few hours of sun in the afternoon.


Wilson County Texas over 6 years ago

White mushrooms all over peach trees and in front and back yard

White mushrooms in back and front yard and all over peach trees can I use bleach to treat faster and how do I mix it so my plants and peach trees don't die


Wilson County Texas almost 4 years ago

grass burrs

how do I get rid of grass burrs ( or sand spurs ) and is it too late to apply a pre-emergent this year


Wilson County Texas over 5 years ago


What to do to get rid of a heavy infestation of grass burrs/ sand burrs with out hurting the good grass? Keeping it mowed close only makes them spread out low to the grown. Too many to dig. Area 78161


Wilson County Texas over 7 years ago

Sandbur prevention

I Live in Wilson county, need to know best way to get rid of sandbur. I heard I should use pre emergent but I don't know when to apply it. Need help?


Wilson County Texas over 6 years ago

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