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What’s happening to my pecan tree

The leaves have holes in them and bumps on them. What is this and how do I treat it?


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Williamson County TX 14 days ago

The fruit of a Chinese pistachio tree

So much fruit it's pulling all the branches down,some to the ground. I'm afraid the might split down middle.What can I do to save my tree?


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Williamson County TX 8 months ago

coffee grounds

Hi...I am using coffee grounds in my compost bin. I also have 4 dogs. Does the coffee grounds break down in any way, that's not harmful to my dogs? Thanks


Williamson County TX 9 months ago

what is getting my tomatoes

cannot be birds. plants are covered in 2x2 bird netting top to bottom. Ithink I saw some blcak very very small "mites" eating at a holr in another. All is different. sane freuit shown only once


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Williamson County TX 11 months ago

What kind of bug is this

Can anyone tell me what kind of bug this is . They are moving around on my back door and wall. I’ve cleaned out my pantry , none in there . I keep on squishy the little bugers but more appear .



Williamson County TX insect identification about 1 year ago

Strange Pattern in Bermuda Lawn

It is December 1st and I thought that my Bermuda lawn was going dormant. However, given the current warm weather, it seems to be waking up a bit. But it has developed this strange Giraffe skin like pattern that I have never seen before. Is this a concern at all?

This is a new sodded lawn at a new home established in April of this year. Attached is a picture.


Sidney Long



Williamson County TX over 1 year ago

Zucchini male flowers not opening

This is the first time I have grown zucchini, and the female flowers are opening before the males. Should I just wait longer-- I want zucchini! :) thank you for help with snow peas, i got 1.5 lbs this morning.


Williamson County TX about 2 years ago


How long does it take Black-seeded Simpson to make a head?


Williamson County TX over 2 years ago

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