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Popcorn plant

My popcorn plant has lost all it’s leaves and it’s springtime. What am I doing wrong?


Williamson County Texas 2 months ago

Why isn’t my black widow black?

My black widow is more of a burgundy rather than shiny black. It’s almost as though it is completely red underneath with a brown coating on the outside. Is that normal?



Williamson County Texas 8 months ago

My baby cornsnake won’t eat.

I got my first snake a few years ago, A male ball python. He started eating pinkies and now eats live mice that I feed him. I got a new baby cornsnake that won’t eat pinkies. I’ve tried braining them, dangling them, leaving them in a quiet dark environment by covering the cage with a towel. My snake won’t eat. And to make it worse she got injured by getting stuck in electrical tape. I found her face all smashed up in electrical tape. I of course immediately freaked out and started crying because it was traumatizing. My boyfriend came home and put oil on the tape and got her free but some of her skin ripped. There was no blood but she seems to be in shock. This doesn’t help the issue that she hasn’t been eating and now I am even more worried. What do I do?


Williamson County Texas 9 months ago

Yellow leaves My. Laurel

I've had this My. Laurel in my yard for 20 yrs. The leaves are turning yellow.
Help. It is big.


Williamson County Texas 9 months ago

St Augustine grass

I had yellow spots in my st Augustine so I applied fertilizer with iron but I think I used too much and now it looks like it is dying!! What can I do???


Williamson County Texas 11 months ago

What kind of plant pest is this?!

I just noticed them under a single begonia leaf.


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Williamson County Texas 11 months ago

Is this oak wilt?

Hello everyone,
I have some concern about my tree, (see pics)
First, what sort of tree is this?
Second, is this oak wilt?
If not, what are these spots caused by I'm noticing several areas with this occuring,


Img_20190614_143733471_300x300%2523 Img_20190614_143544582_300x300%2523 Img_20190614_143452681_300x300%2523

Williamson County Texas 12 months ago

What’s happening to my pecan tree

The leaves have holes in them and bumps on them. What is this and how do I treat it?


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Williamson County Texas about 1 year ago

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