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Have any idea?

I have had this plant for 8 years as a get well gift. I have no idea what it is.


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Wichita County Texas over 3 years ago

What Native Texas Plant is This?

A couple of weeks ago I was walking across a pasture and suddenly became aware of an aroma very similar to lavender. I traced it plants you see in the attached pictures. They seem to grow in bunches and stripping the leaves from the plants releases the fragrance of the plants. I've researched them and can't find anything although they seem to be growing just about everywhere here in North Texas.

thanks for any help.


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Wichita County Texas almost 6 years ago

Use of Effluent Water

I am hauling effluent water from the sewage treatment plant in Burkburnett, Tx. Presently, I am only watering lawns but could I reasonably also use this water on a vegetable garden? What are the problems with using effluent water to grow food that will be consumed by humans?

Roger Stauffer

Burkburnett, Tx


Wichita County Texas almost 4 years ago

REGARDING: lawncare

How can I get rid of sticker patches or (grass burrs/sand burrs) in my front yard, I have beautiful St. Augustine grass, and then ugly patches of stickers, what can I do to get rid of them? Help!


Wichita County Texas about 2 years ago

Bugs in my apartment

I have these bugs all over my apartment, they are mostly in the bathroom. I thought they might be the weevil bugs, until i noticed them at the apartment pool as well. How do I get rid of them and what do u think they could be?


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Wichita County Texas almost 5 years ago

Spider bite.

Is this a spider bite and if so should I go to the doctor. It's been really painful the past few days. It is located on the upper side of my neck, behind my ear.


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Wichita County Texas 7 months ago

Broken glass and a box of food?

while my boyfriend and I were moving he accidentally broke a glass frame. it was in a box with boxed food. the boxed food wasnt penetrated. is it safe to eat ?


Wichita County Texas over 3 years ago

Wintering Mediterranean Olive tree

I have been given a large mediterranean olive tree which has been wintered in a green house. I live in Wichita Falls Texas rated zone 7. We do have some cold days and nights in winter but most days aren't deep freeze. Can this tree survive in our winters outside? If not, how severe can the tree be pruned to go in greenhouse


Wichita County Texas over 3 years ago

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