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Fertilizer Help

Hello. How often/much should I put fertilizer should in my 2 ft brown turkey fig tree, 6 inch ever-bearing strawberry and arctic kiwi plant?

Webb County TX about 4 years ago

small brown spots on the st. augustine leaves and grass turning yellowish

what is the best way to treat the small brown spots ?

we do have a swimming pool close to this area and catch lots of June Bugs in the skimmer basket


Webb County TX about 4 years ago

boat tailed grackles

Assisting a community member with this question.

Problem with grackles hanging around her oak trees making too much noise and messing up her cars, house and roof - Wants to get rid of them.


Webb County TX over 5 years ago

Growing Olives in eastern Webb County

Will olive trees grow in eastern Webb County and, if so, what type? Where will I find information on when to plant, etc?


Webb County TX over 6 years ago

Orange Tree, Peach Tree, Red Oak Tree

Client stated the trees appear to be showing some kind of damage and I'd aware what is causing it. She stated the gardener added soil which had been in bags for several months around the Orange Tree. There are small black ants going up and down the tree.


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Webb County TX about 5 years ago

non-toxic care for algae in ponds

We have several large freshwater ponds in our subdivision that are growing large amounts of aquatic algae. This growth is becoming very unsightly and difficult for people to fish. We have had to turn off the fountain in the middle of one lake as it seems to make the algae grow faster. We are currently putting a non-toxic liquid in the ponds twice a week, but it doesn't seem to be working.
Please advise any alternative things we can put in the water or otherwise to alleviate this situation.
Thank you ...


Webb County TX about 6 years ago

Growing an avocado tree from an avocado seed

I have followed the instructions for California Avocado Web site. As of now it has been more than two months that I have avocado seeds on my window kitchen sill, but has grown quite a bit of a root system. The only thing is that the seed is split in two, but has not spouted a stem from the top side, which should make ideal to plant on soil.

Please advise me on what to do next.

Javier M. Valenciano


Webb County TX about 7 years ago

Planting schedule. South Texas (Laredo).

I am looking for a planting schedule (Annual for my place, South Texas, Laredo); in order of planting this month of September,2016.


Webb County TX almost 4 years ago

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