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6th Annual Emergency Management Summit

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Waller County TX over 5 years ago

oak wilt

My location is waller cty near 6 and 1488. I have 3 live oaks that may have oak wilt. Bluebonnet Elec co op trimmed/slashed 2 of my oaks near the lines 2 months ago. The trees have moss, gray scale and few if any leaves.I thought this was a central Texas issue. A master gardener believes it may be oak wilt.


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Waller County TX almost 7 years ago


Is this some form of aspen... waller texas


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Waller County TX over 4 years ago

goatweed explosion in Bahia pasture.

Our pastures of 95 acres are leased to a cattle rancher. Last year the hay he brought in was loaded with Goatweed, now it is everywhere and getting thicker. Being 72 and fixed income, what can be done. The cattleman assumes no responsibility, He just does not care. I guess once he destroys what once was good pasture suppose he will just move on to someone else. I found this page as many calls to A&M extension service have been totally ignored. Seems they must be part of the govt, since nothing ever comes of my inquiry. Probably too late now even thou I started looking for help early in the year before it got out of hand. . Guess that is just the way it is in todays world, we are on our own.


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Waller County TX over 1 year ago

Where can I find Brazos blackberrie?

Where can I buy Brazos blackberry plants in Texas or nearby states?


Waller County TX over 5 years ago

first time watermelon grower

1. At what stage in the watermelon growing process should I thin out my sprouts? Also, what is the ideal way to do that? 2. What is the best way to keep grass from growing in between sprouts? 3. Is there any general advice I need to know for maximum output? Kind Regards, Chris Davis


Waller County TX over 6 years ago

Funeral plant question

We received this plant after my Mother-in-law's funeral yesterday. Since I ended up being the one to take it home and nurture it, I need to know what it is.

Based on my online research, it looks like it could be Dieffenbachia, but wanted an expert opinion as I know that Dieffenbachia can be harmful to pets. Until I hear otherwise, I'm keeping it above my Cocker Spaniel's jumping height, and where my younger granddaughters cannot reach it either.

Thank you in advance for your opinion.


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Waller County TX about 6 years ago

Knock out roses disease?

My knock out roses start out beautiful but after first blooms the leaves turn yellow and start falling off. They are bare, but continue to put on some new leaves at the end of the branch and some blooms.


Waller County TX over 7 years ago

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