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Huisache girdler

We have a wooded event site a couple of miles north of Victoria. Much of the small trees are huisache. We are NOT looking for more huisache BUT want the huisache that we do have to NOT have horizontal limbs caused by the girdler. I spend 6 hours/week collecting and burning girdled limbs from only the trees near roads or cleared areas
In looking for ideas to reduce the time spent collecting & burning limbs
My best idea is to find a great number of volunteers that will collect all the fallen limbs and burn them before them larvae leave the fallen limb.
Please let me know the latest date the plan will work...


Victoria County Texas over 4 years ago

worms in pecan wood

I was cutting down some dead pecan trees and it was full of these worms. The largest was a little under 2 inches. I have looked all over the internet and can't seem to find out what they are. I would love some help to ID them. Thank you in advance.



Victoria County Texas about 7 years ago

Accidental Use of Roundup

I accidentally spayed Roundup on a baseball field. A 30 gallon mix was further diluted with 100 gallons of water and a 30- 0- 0(128 oz) liquid fertilizer and spayed on the field. I didn't know the roundup solution was in the sprayer. After 20 minutes, I watered the field for over 1 hour to try to wash off whatever I could. The grass is Bermuda and only about 50% actively growing. This was done on Tuesday. When could I see if there was any harm done to the grass? I will loose my job (and my supervisor) in 5 days if the field needs replacing. Thank you . Steve Gasperini 361-218-3635 Victoria, Tx


Victoria County Texas about 4 years ago

chlorine evaporation

If chlorinated tap water is left sitting in a bucket will the chlorine evaporate out of the water so it is safe to use on garden plants. thx


Victoria County Texas almost 6 years ago

Snake at Lake Texana

Can you tell me what kind of snake this is, whether it's venomous, etc.? I saw it at Lake Texana on May 27, 2013,




Victoria County Texas about 7 years ago

Having trouble identifying

Could anyone assist me on finding out what type of rock this is



Victoria County Texas over 3 years ago

Help in identifying

What are the white things on this horned caterpillar?



Victoria County Texas over 3 years ago

Raw honey

After putting the jar of honey in a pan with hot water because it had crystallized it had a layer of yellow foam on top. Can this honey still be used and if so should I remove the foam? I was always taught that honey never went bad. Bought from a local bee keeper that is new to this.
I did stir the honey and this foam looking stuff came right back to the top.
Thank you


Victoria County Texas over 2 years ago

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