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Pecan pollinator for Desirable

What is the best pollinator for the pecan variety Desirable. This tree is in East Texas around the Canton, Texas area.


Van Zandt County TX over 4 years ago

Weed problems

I have have a one acre garden in Van Zandt County. The soil is great And vegetables do well, but weeds overtake the garden very quickly. Is there anything I can try other than constantly hoeing? The garden is Probably too large to spread mulch cover.


Van Zandt County TX almost 7 years ago


Smells like oregano, growing wild in my pasture.



Van Zandt County TX about 4 years ago

Native Plant Hedgerow Suggestions

We have a small commercial cut flower operation in Van, Texas. One of our gardens is just to the east of a 100-foot-long hedgerow. The hedgerow is established, but has not been tended for years so is somewhat overgrown. We would like to fill this hedgerow with hardy, native plants that would encourage beneficial insects in an effort to minimize the need to spray our flowers for pests. We are committed to organic practices on our farm. We have several honeybee hives, and are hopeful that they would also benefit from some flowering shrubs, plants, small trees. This area is not under irrigation. Can you make some recommendations based on our sandy loam, fairly neutral pH soil?


Van Zandt County TX almost 5 years ago

Mutant coneflower?

My brother's garden has produced a peculiar coneflower that appears to have miniature flowers growing where the petals should be. Is this normal? Will seed from it produce strange progeny?



Van Zandt County TX about 5 years ago

selling feral hog

Is it legal to sell dead feral hogs in the state of Texas?


Van Zandt County TX over 4 years ago

Chinese wisteria

I want to plant a Chinese wisteria on an arbor above a 16' wide entry gate to our property in East Texas. I am particularly interested in the Chinese variety because it blooms before its leafs out.

That said, I've been reading about how invasive it can be. Does it invade through its root system, like bamboo, or only by vining? I can keep it trimmed to prevent the vining, but I don't want to plant something that is going to be a problem to my neighbors because of the root system.


Van Zandt County TX almost 6 years ago

Mystery tree in East Texas

This tree grows wild all over East Texas and has white blooms every spring along the fields and highways (especially along Hwy 64 between Canton and Tyler) but I can't find anyone who can identify the tree. It gets over 50 ft tall at times and only blooms in the spring...can you identify it for me please? I have attached a picture of the blooms below.



Van Zandt County TX over 5 years ago

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