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Pin Oak tree disease

We have a 20 year old Pin Oak tree that is showing signs of stress with brown leaves developing, possibly Anthracnose. There are what appears to be 50 or more bore holes in the trunk about the size of a pencil. And finally, the presence of hundreds of Pillbugs [if not thousands] circling up the trunk of the tree and I assume feeding off the tree. Can you diagnose this problem for me?


Val Verde County Texas almost 6 years ago

Hybrid St. Augustine grass

I am told I have a hybrid St. Augustine grass that was developed by TX A&M. I do not know its common or scientific name. My mom-in-law got her runners from her mom-in-law some 30 years ago. It has thicker runners and deeper roots than St. Augustine and takes less water. It is really invasive and has choked out native lantana and other weeds very well. I need to learn how to take care of a 30 yrs plus lawn that is starting to fail. Dethatching, aerating and fertilizer is what it needs. Do I follow instructions for St. Augustine grass?


Val Verde County Texas almost 7 years ago

Buffalo Grass

I have a new lawn (8 mts. old) of buffalo grass. It has been invaded by various types of weeds. Since this is a new law, I have been using the manual process of weed control. I'm am having difficulity finding a weed killer that is specific to buffalo grass. I do not over water, and I have only fertilizer once, with a very weak fertilizer as perscribed. All that I have read about buffalo grass and weed killer, is to stay away from the ingredient dicamba, however, most weed killers contain this chemical. Can you help ?


Val Verde County Texas over 6 years ago

Live Oak Galls

Our live oaks have these buldgy halls. We’ve already read several articles concerning this problem. However, what treatment is there? We read that we should just let it be. But there must be a treatment. Would you please help us? Thank you Nanette and Danny Roberson


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Val Verde County Texas about 2 years ago

Native landscape

What are the best plants for Del Rio, Tx landscaping that are low maintenance, hardy and colorful?


Val Verde County Texas almost 7 years ago

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