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Eradicate Broom-weed

I have Broom-weed growing in the open fields on my deer lease. Obviously, it kills all the native grass below it.What can be done to control or eradicate it?
My lease is near Concan Tx.
Thank you,
Tom Conley
San Marcos Tx.


Uvalde County Texas over 3 years ago

Chilipitin peppers

Why are my chilipitins turning black during the growing process?


Uvalde County Texas about 6 years ago

Sandbur control

HELP! Any recommendations for best herbicide to help kill/control Sandbur in our grass in northern part of Uvalde county, TX? We've tried for several years to spray in fall and early spring with Atrazine as well as hand digging sandbur plants out, but the weeds seem to be getting worse instead of better. Someone suggested DuPont's Pastors but I think it's granules that would have to be watered in which would be a challenge on our 1 acre yard. Any suggestions?


Uvalde County Texas almost 4 years ago


We had a couple lite freezes this winter in Texas and my palm is looking sad - what can I do or will it grow back once we have sunny days again?



Uvalde County Texas over 4 years ago

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