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How do I kill worms eating the leaves of my oak tree

How do I kill worms eating the leaves of my oak tree


Upshur County Texas about 5 years ago

Considering growing goldenseal in an possible Aquaponics system.

Hi All, I am considering going solar, and starting p an aquaponic garden on my little farm when I retire in a year or two.

I have a 12 acre farm in a rural setting in East Texas. I have a 1+ acre pond that holds 6.5 acre ft. of water that can be topped off with well water. I have fish that are feed via a auto feeder. The pond is diffuses aerated.

I plan on a 10,000 square foot garden area, under a tracking solar 48 to 50 panel unit, with flood and drain beds. The water supply will be pulled from the pond in the feed area, run through settlers and aerators tanks to convert the water to nitrate water from nitrite and ammonia water.

I hope I included enough info on where and how I want to grow golden seal, if possible.

My farm is mostly trees and I do have a lot of hickory and popular trees that might be additional area on the ground for goldenseal growth. The soil from what I see on the VA tech you-tube videos would require me to modify the soil since most is red dirt and Iron ore rock under the surface sandy loam which is from 2 or 3 inches to maybe 8 or 9 inches at best, on 10% or so of the property. The total property slopes to the pond area.

I would like to consider growing goldenseal (high quality/ high alkalinity) if possible. I will be growing raised bed gardens for food crops for family and friends and goldenseal seems to be an addition that makes sense to me.
Now the questions I have is, can goldenseal be grown in East Texas,in a raised bed aquaponic setting? If not, Why? Would Goldenseal grow under the proper trees on my acreage with proper soil. Would the product need to be watered during the hot July, August and September summers? Is it even a reasonable possibility to grow goldenseal in East Texas? Is there a co-op for sale and distribution in East Texas? Are there growers in the East TX area and an Extension agent that have knowledge and would share knowledge before I start and help me to increase my knowledge curve? Can this be a business that has some or any tax benefit?
Thanks in advance for your attention to this matter.


Upshur County Texas almost 6 years ago

Rope hoya

How to u start a new plant off of a cutting, do u put the piece straight in the soil or do u root it in water?



Upshur County Texas over 4 years ago

Growing San Marzano tomatoes in East Texas

We have huge San Marzano tomato plants. They are so large that they have pulled the 6 foot stakes they were tied to. All plants (33) appear very healthy. They are loaded down with blooms. The first tomato production is/was heavy but the tomatoes got no larger than a small marble before maturity. What am I doing wrong? I know the fruit should be approx. the same size as my Roma's. thank you, Terry


Upshur County Texas almost 7 years ago

White Mulberry Tree

I have several wild, native mulberry trees on my property, and they seem to readily reproduce both by root suckers and by seed. I had one seedling pop up in a raised garden area 3 years ago that has produced a small amount of fruit this year, which is all normal except, these berries are white. I know there are white mulberries but, is it normal to get them from the seed of black fruited trees? When over ripe, these berries do tend to have a blush of color. To me they seem to have a lighter but sweeter flavor than the black ones. I am considering trying to root cuttings of this one, or maybe even propagation from pieces of the root.


Upshur County Texas about 6 years ago

fire ants in the compost

The last time I went to put some plant scraps in my compost bin, everything in it was completely composted! It looked like beautiful fine black soil. I looked closer: it was a huge ant mound, teeming with ants.

I want to use the compost, but I don't want to transfer hoards of fire ants to my garden beds. How can I get rid of the fire ants without ruining the compost?

Also, how can I keep fire ants out of my compost bin?

Thank you for you help with these questions.



Upshur County Texas over 4 years ago

Wild peaches

How to prepare wild peach wine?


Upshur County Texas almost 2 years ago


Do I have to live in the same county 4h that I want join?


Upshur County Texas almost 4 years ago

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