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East Texas Chinquapin

Many years ago these trees in Tyler County Texas begin to die. I am 80 years old and have not seen a live one in many years. Are they considered extinct in East Texas?

Tyler County TX almost 2 years ago

Grapefruit tree needs help

I have a grapefruit tree I grew from a seed. It looks sick. I have had it for about 10 years and it's always been healthy. But lately it looks sad; the leaves are falling off, and the woodpeckers are pecking it. It has never lost its leaves except after the storms. It's about 18 feet tall, and produces lots of fruit. Is there anything I can spray on it or do to not lose it?


Tyler County TX over 6 years ago


Stickers are well on their way to taking over my yard of San Augustine grass. Any suggestion on how to remove.


Tyler County TX about 4 years ago


I am interested in growing blackberries, as a kid it was fun hiking in the woods on our family farm looking for them, but now not so much. I would like to grow some close to our house, preferably a large thorn-less. How do I get started?


Tyler County TX over 4 years ago

Farmer Veteran Coalition

Hi. I'm Daryl, I was advised by the Farmer Veteran Coalition to contact you guys about workshops and seminars being offered in my area Hillister, Tx.


Tyler County TX over 4 years ago

aquatic bladderwort

my pond has bladderwort now for about 3 years. i've used diquat for contorling it but i was wondering why it's growing now and not before. maybe the ph in my lake has changed? is there a certain ph that bladderwort grows in?


Tyler County TX about 5 years ago

Once a guinea hen goes broody how long before she lays again

I have a guinea hen who hatched some eggs. We ended up taking the babies from her because she smothered 4 of the 6 she had. When will she start laying again? Our guineas are free range so I will have to start looking for the nest but don’t know if she will start laying again this year or wait until next.



Tyler County TX 12 months ago

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