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Black ant invasion

I live on the north side of lake Livingston and black ants have invaded all of the trees and land around the lake over the past year. I have tried granules, baits and sprays but can't seem to get a handle on them. There are billions of ants all over the place. Has anybody reported this and is there a solution to controlling them? They come in the house in search of food and get in the walls. I don't know what else go do.



Trinity County TX about 7 years ago

Missing birds in Lake L

Hi, I live in Lake L subdivision in Trinity County, Texas, and I put out several birdfeeders, usually just with black oil sunflower seed. I have always had a ton of cardinals, a few blue jays, plus chickadees, titmice, a few mourning doves and some red-bellied woodpeckers. Oh, plus a few Carolina wrens, who for some reason, seem to like the seed as well.

Since October, I have had no cardinals whatsoever, and most of the other birds seem to have vanished as well. Sometimes I will get a few chickadees and titmice early in the morning, and I saw my first jay in a long time this morning. Still no cardinals at all.

Is there anything happening in this area that would explain this? My friends tell me they have all migrated but I have had these birds year-round before. I hope you can help me. I have changed the diet, adding some of the other commercial seed, and I have changed out the bird seed a couple of times, thinking that it might have gone bad, even to the point of buying seed from a different place.


Trinity County TX over 5 years ago

Blueberry Ripening

I have just bought two each of:

and Climax
Will they ripen in any particular order, such that I should plant in sets?


Trinity County TX over 5 years ago

Cotton mouth

Is it illegal to purposefuly kill a cottonmouth in the state of TX?


Trinity County TX over 4 years ago

What is the best way to get rid of snails in the landscape?

What is the best way to get rid of snails in the landscape?


Trinity County TX about 5 years ago

Azalea problem

Our azaleas have a fuzzy/powdery covering on nearly all the leaves. They are in an elevated bed, with moderatly good drainage, irrigated for 5 minutes three times weekly, moderate shade. They are no longer deep green but are looking washed out and do not look well at all. They were planted about 1 year ago. What can be wrong?


Trinity County TX almost 7 years ago

Indigenous plant

what is the name of this plant? It grows wild and wondering if it is an herb or weed?


Trinity County TX about 4 years ago

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