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Are family withdrawals counted in acquiring net farm income?

When determining the net farm income are family withdrawals subtracted from the gross revenue? If not, where do they come into play in determining a return on assets?


Tom Green County Texas farm management about 3 years ago

Pruning Cross Vines

I have two cross vines, approximately 14 years old. They were planted at the base of a pergola and at one time they grew up the columns and spread out over the top. They have since fallen and are not able to grab on to the wooden columns and are growing around the bases of two of the columns. I would like to cut them back and regroom them to again grow up the columns and spread over the top of the pergola. How far can I cut them back and when would be the best time to do this. Also, what is the best way to train them to grow up the columns? Thank you very much, in advance.


Tom Green County Texas almost 3 years ago

No grass just burrs and clover weeds

Just moved to a rental property. No grass at all. Just clover weeds and stickers. How’s the best most cost effective way to start over? Can I rent a machine to remove top layer and then lay sod? I have dogs so herbicides are not a consideration. Thanks.


Tom Green County Texas over 1 year ago

What type of succulent is this?

I know it is a type of rosette forming succulent. It has somewhat stiff, small hairlike spikes around the edges.



Tom Green County Texas plant identification horticulture almost 4 years ago

Chickens in West Texas

I am looking to establish a small flock of chickens on my homestead. I am near San Angelo, Texas, and the ground gets dry and hot. I would like to know what chickens you would recommend that can handle the heat of West Texas summers. Temperament is an issue because I have smaller children that I want to include in the work.


Tom Green County Texas poultry over 6 years ago

Invasive Mesquites

When is the best time to cut down and eradicate invasive mesquite trees? We take care of a canal and the mesquites are getting too close to the canal. We need to get rid of the mesquite trees, small and larger, so the water can run correctly.


Tom Green County Texas mesquite over 6 years ago

pecan orchard drip irrigation

What is proper spacing between lateral drip lines in pecan orchard?


Tom Green County Texas irrigation and water management pecan horticulture about 5 years ago

Sticky Aphid residue on everything

What on earth can I do to stop the sticky stuff from the aphids on my pecan trees every year getting on everything else? I am sick and tired of everything being sticky and especially having leaves stuck to our shoes and hauling them into the house all the time.


Tom Green County Texas insect issues horticulture over 6 years ago

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