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Grasshopper management

We live in the southern tip of Titus County. For the past 3 years we have had a phenomenal bloom of grasshoppers on our small farm (17 acres). They have wiped out our garden during late July and August and they are so abundant in our pasture that I cannot help but believe that they are damaging them. What do you suggest we can do to mitigate the grasshopper population for 2014?


Titus County TX over 6 years ago

cover crops for soil managment

I want to improve the soil quality and health on 70 acres of pasture land in Titus County.
I have spent some time lately viewing some u-tube presentations by the University of Missouri talking about cover crops. Some of the presenters were: Ray Archuleta, Jill Clapperton, Rick Henley, Howard Buffett, Rob Meyers, and Gabe Brown.
I want to start improving my soil quality, raise a cash crop, or livestock and perhaps even harvest seeds for cover crops as a business venture.
What steps should I begin toward these goals?
Fletcher Smith


Titus County TX almost 6 years ago

Black srems

I purchased a Tropicana rose bush from Home Depot and the branches are turning black. It looked healthy at the time of purchase with new sprouts and leaves starting to appear. I kept it in its plastic bag and placed it where it would be getting the evening sun for about two weeks until I could get it planted. (We were getting alot of rain during the two week period). Well I planted it and one stem looks to be healthy and I've noticed new sprouts at the ball. These branches are covered in wax. What do I need to do?


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Titus County TX over 2 years ago

pot procurement for annual sale

We are a master gardener group in Mt. Pleasant TX and grow 90% of the approximate 6000 plants we sell in our annual sale. We are having a HARD time finding a wholesale source willing to sell us pots because we do not need as many as they require for their customers. Is this a common problem with groups across the US? In years past we have recycled and washed but frankly, wanted an easier solution.


Titus County TX about 1 year ago




Titus County TX about 6 years ago

Where can I purchase dung beetles?

I recently purchased my first few cattle, and I am reading about controlling flies by distributing the cows' manure. I see that dung beetles are good at doing that, but we don't seem to have any in this area. Can I buy dung beetles, and what kind should I buy?


Titus County TX over 4 years ago

leach field runoff

the neighbor's leach field seams to run onto my property where I have some fruit trees planted will the fruit be ok to eat? the leach feild is approx. 30 to 40 feet from my trees


Titus County TX about 5 years ago

Small glimpses and going crazy.

I live in an apartment and have a lab that constantly scratches thats due to allergies that I know of ( no fleas found and gets baths every 2 weeks). Recently I have found an infestation of termites and along with finding those and reporting to my landlord we have also been feeling something land on us, and every once in a while catch a glimpse of these very tiny black bugs flying. It is more than a few but not swarms. To me it feels like a bite or sting when it lands on me but my spouse says it doesn't feel like he is being bitten.he seems to see and feel them way more than I do but they make me feel itchy. The glimpses we se we can only describe them as black or brown flys in an erratic behavior. I don't think light attracts them but if going through light they seem like dust particles but can tell that its not. Sometimes we sit and think we are going crazy. And on top of everything due to the corona virus the landlord says that the pest control won't come out so we ar doing the best we can to battle the termites. What could they possibly be? And how do we get rid of them?


Titus County TX 4 months ago

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