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Chinese Pistache in Abilene

I recently planted a 20 gallon Chinese Pistache in my backyard in Abilene Texas. I think I may have over fertilized it. The leaves are starting to turn brown, similar to chemical burn. My concern is overwatering. I know I need to try to flush the fertilizer out, but there's also the chance of drowning the tree. Any help in this matter is greatly appreciated. The soil that the tree is planted in is almost clay like mixed with Vigoro brand all purpose garden soil. About 1/2 and 1/2 mixed in the hole. The fertilizer used was Vigoro brand all purpose plant food 12-5-7 for trees and shrubs.


Taylor County TX about 6 years ago

tree yaupon

How long can tree yaupons live? I have a client that has several large tree yaupons averaging 3 trunks with 5-6" caliper at each trunk. Estimating 50 years old. Currently in good health. Owner concerned about lifespan. Can we expect 20 more years?
40 more years?? more???
I have never seen one as large as an Oak tree.........wondering if they are genetically predisposed to die when about 6" caliper....

tom martin
Landscape architect


Taylor County TX over 3 years ago

What is this plant

This is some kind of rose plant in Texas . Had flowers earlier this year


Taylor County TX over 4 years ago

Pink Velour Crape Myrtle

So I recently planted a few Crape Myrtles and, while they looked good the day I bought them, now they're looking unhealthy. They're planted in the red clay ground but I've added MiracleGrow garden soil and mulch. I've also been watering them in the late evening and early morning. They're planted on the east side of my house and have seen a decent amount of sun. Any suggestions? Thanks


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Taylor County TX about 5 years ago

Help me pick the right grass and trees

I live in Abilene and I am trying to get my yard in better shape and make it useful. I have an area that I want to make a soccer area and I have been given alot of advice, different advice on what kind of grass I should plant. My daughter and her friends are probably not gonna play pro soccer but they are on a select team and will probably play through high school. I already have some bermuda grass in that area but it is in terrible shape. Should I plant a form of bermuda or buffalo grass, I just don't know what to do. It needs to be able to stand up to girls running on it and be drought resistant. Also, what kind of trees are best for my area? The grass that is being pushed on my by a landscaper is tiff, another says it has to be celebration. They also seem to think I should only grow live oak trees. Thanks in advance for your help,
Melinda Lambert


Taylor County TX almost 6 years ago

experimental lawn grass

I was told by a friend that Texas A&M may be developing a viable lawn grass for our area. I have searched seed companies and seem only to find the same offerings from years past.
My concern is not only the ongoing expense of lawns requiring irrigation, but the impact of our population on water resource. A lawn provides not only a pretty appearance to a home, but also enhances noise and air purity. I further believe a healthy lawn actually reduces ambient temperatures. Therefore I seek a lawn grass sustainable through rainfall, disease and pest resistant, yet pleasing in appearance to my neighbors. Optimum would be a lawn that would choke out weeds by its very hardiness.
Should such a lawn be available, I would very much like to obtain it for my own residence.


Taylor County TX about 7 years ago

Is this an Ivy?

Not sure what type of plant or maybe Ivy this is...



Taylor County TX about 4 years ago

This bush/tree sprung up right near my gray water line. What is it???

This bush sprang up right near a gray water runoff line. It is almost 6 feet tall now. No fruit or flowers or anything on it yet. The leaves a 3 lobed. They put off a mediciney smell when crushed and are rough like fig lieaves. The stalk is rough too and when rubbed with fingernail there is a reddish-pink fluid dye like substance that comes from it. Never seen anything like this. What is it?


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Taylor County TX almost 6 years ago

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