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Sago Palm growths

Are you suppose to remove this growths after a certain amount of time.


Smith County Texas almost 5 years ago


how should i prune a heavenly cloud sage


Smith County Texas about 6 years ago

Identify Vine

I moved recently and can't find my camera, so I scanned a leaf and some kind of seed pod from a vine growing on my house in N.E. Texas (Henderson County). I've tried for hours to ID this vine on line to no avail and no one at the only nursery close by (Home Depot) seems to know. Most of the leaves are much larger than the one I scanned... about 8" X 10" or larger. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Joe Lockhart



Smith County Texas about 6 years ago

no dirt around newly planted camillia

My landscape guy set out two camillias on either side of my porch this morning. He did not fill in dirt around them or mulch on top of them and is not coming back for at least a week. I texted to ask if this was Ok, especially since the weather last night predicted a light frost this weekend. I asked if I shouldn't fill in with soil myself and mulch and he said no they would be OK. This just doesn't look right to me. One is partially filled in and one has 3 to five inches around it not filled in at all. I have already lost all the leaves off of a camellia he planted in January, which he says will come back and is just in shock. It got black spots on leaves that turned yellow and we have sprayed with fungicide. Camillia right by it did not lose leaves but did get some of the same yellow leaves with black spots. I really like my landscape guy but we are losing so many plants he has planted and I just don't want to lose anymore. Should I go ahead and fill in around the plants with dirt and mulch them now, or wait a week for him to come back?


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Smith County Texas about 4 years ago

Unknown Plant Given To Me

Unknown Plant from friend. All she had was 'Friendship Plant', which could be anything. Said these sprout from roots of parent, which looks very different (no pic, sorry)


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Smith County Texas over 3 years ago

Freefall Pansies

I live in East Texas and looking for Freefall Pansies, any idea where I can find this variety? Assume this variety will do extremely well in our climate. Any ideas on locations or point me in the right direction to find them would be greatly appreciated.



Smith County Texas over 6 years ago

Termite infestation

Can using wood chips for mulch in beds next to a building cause termite infestation?


Smith County Texas about 6 years ago

Fruit tree fertilize for the second time.

I hate to sound rude in anyway but is anyone going to answer my question about fertilizing fruit trees? I understand yal have more questions than mine to answer but it's been over a week. Thanks.


Smith County Texas over 4 years ago

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