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Shelby County chinquapin nut variety?

I have read lots of information but am confused as to what variety tree would we have been eating the nuts from Shelby County in the 1960's. I want to plant some.


Shelby County TX about 1 year ago

control chinese tallow trees

i got about 90 acres of pasture that is over-run with chinese tallow. most are spouts, but also a lot of saplings and full-blown trees.' pasture is not low-lying or wet-land..

what's the best way to get rid of the tallows- and what's the best herbicide to use?


Shelby County TX over 6 years ago

how to kill chinese tallow trees, saplings, sprouts. for tools, i got a chain saw & backpack sprayer

i got a few acres of pasture infested with tallow trees, saplings, sprouts. what's
the best way to get rid of them once & for all.??


Shelby County TX over 2 years ago


Hello,I am interested in vermiculture and having a worm bin. I have read much online about the red wigglers and Canadian nightcrawlers. I have also seen the simple worm bin construction that can be done with plastic tubs. My question has to do with the species of nightcrawler that we have in shelby county, east texas. The worms in my lawn are a species of nightcrawler that are very large (ie, 24-36+ inches). Can these worms be used in a "bin" for composting? Do they go too deep to be raised in a tub bin type structure? Any information would be greatly received.


Shelby County TX over 6 years ago

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