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Brazilian joyweed




San Saba County Texas almost 5 years ago

Modified mesquite control method?

As foliar spray season is over, I'm wondering if this will work for mesquite control. Using the brush mower attachment on the skid steer to mulch the tops of 8 to 12 foot mesquite down to about 2 feet, then go back the following day with the shears to remove the remainder at ground level and sweep and spray the stump immediately with the 15% remedy/diesel mixture. Cedars growing amid the mesquites could be totally mulched, there would be fewer brush piles to burn, and the labor intense spraying would go faster since we wouldn't be hampered by excess top growth laying across the ground.


San Saba County Texas over 6 years ago

ID plant please

can you please identify this plant please


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San Saba County Texas almost 5 years ago

How can I rid my world of Vitex?

What agency or authority is available to give information regarding invasive non-native trees in Texas? I have 40 acres adjoining the city limits of San Saba. My tank (pond) is completely and totally surrounded by these evil shrubby trees that grow 20 feet tall and spill BILLIONS of tiny bb sized pellets downstream each time the tank overflows ( a lot this year) I am upset about our property but these invasive trees are coming staight on down toward the Colorado River. I would like to report the problem, since they came down from the run off area further up hill from our home. It is no joking matter. It would take hundreds of thousands of dollars in bull dozier fees to clear our property and they are on the sides of the bluff in nearly impossible areas to clear. Surely someone somewhere cares that this scourge in headed toward the chain of lakes and on down toward the coast!


San Saba County Texas about 4 years ago

Controlling Catclaw

I was told at a recent Brush Management seminar that there were two kinds of Catclaw...catclaw acacia and catclaw mimosa. Is this so? How do I distinguish the two, if so? What control work best with individual plant treatment? Thank you.


San Saba County Texas almost 6 years ago

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