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flower name

What is this plant?



San Patricio County Texas almost 3 years ago

Cows struck by lightening.

Can cattle killed by lightening be eaten if harvested in a timely manner so the meat doesn't spoil?


San Patricio County Texas over 2 years ago

Planting fields for horses

Looking at buying some land for boarding horses, arena, etc.., but there is not any kink of gras forage of any kind. It was previous farmland. Is there a program somewhere to get coastal, or any other forage, plugs that won't cost us a fortune?


San Patricio County Texas field crops pastures and forages about 5 years ago

Getting rid of grass burs

???????? in 3 ac. of pasture land. Can anything be put on now to keep the seeds from germinating next season?


San Patricio County Texas pastures and forages over 5 years ago

low maintenance grass

I am a disabled vet and my kids are all grown and moving on. i have a small st. augustine front yard (700sq. ft.) that i can keep up with. the super sandy backyard (2500 sq.ft) is a mix of st. augustine and burmuda. looking for suggestion to over seed with something that needs little water and mowing. i can always start over and round up lawn and throw down some texas sedge seed and let it be natural. i live in ingleside, texas. thank for any feedback.


San Patricio County Texas turfgrass plant selection over 3 years ago

Growing amaryllis in South Texas

What do I need to know about growing amaryllis in South Texas


San Patricio County Texas horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials almost 5 years ago

Who installs aroebic septic systems. Mine is old and saturated

I live on the water front of Lake Corpus Christi 4 miles west of Mathis and my septic system is no longer working properly . Its saturated. I have the 1000 gal old type field drain system. I would like to know who in South Texas can install the new version that uses the treated water to water the lawn.


San Patricio County Texas about 3 years ago

Pecan Tree Stressed

We bought an old house in Aransas Pass that had 3 pecan trees. Two have died and one is on its last leg. The leave are light green, branches not full, neighborhood squirrels are stripped it from nuts. What is the best plan of attached to save this tree? We also have three wonderful very old oak trees that have survived hurricanes and one seems to be losing bark. It may be ants. Can you suggest help?


San Patricio County Texas trees and shrubs pecan horticulture horticulture over 4 years ago

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