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Giant Salvinia Toledo Bend Reservoir

We are now seeing increasing growth of giant salvinia in the coves on the south end of Toledo Bend. As a group of property owners and the POA, we want to organize our efforts to eradicate and control this weed before it clogs us the coves completely.

After doing much internet research, Texas A&M Agrilife Extension comes up frequently as a partner with other groups in cleaning up Caddo Lake and other areas in the past. We are seeking your help to organize group interest (state and local) to start a program on Toledo Bend.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,
Mary Westemeier, Beechwood I Subdivision, Hempill Texas
(281) 324-5023 home


Sabine County TX over 6 years ago

Treated seed corn

Will treated seed corn harm dogs if they ingest one or two pieces?


Sabine County TX about 4 years ago

Cover crop mixes.

I live in sabine county and have started a small .75 acre garden. Everything produced good last year, but this year I would like to plant a divers variety of different cover crops on most of the land. I am new to texas, and my question is which ones do you think would work best in my area?

Im just getting into no-till and cover cropping but have been 100% organic for years using kelp meals, castings, manures, compost, minerals (azomite) ect, and plenty of AACT made from exotic guanos and soluble kelp extracts.
The number of different cover crops and possible combinations is just hard to wrap my head around so quickly.
I have a sandy loam soil with some clay about 14 inches below in some spots. Plenty of P, almost excess, and below average K, and low N levels, with a slightly acidic ph is what my soil test came out to last year when I moved here. The second test after amending was better but still low in N. I think my soil has PLENTY of microbial activity from the compost teas added last year, so maybe a high carbon mix is needed along with some deep rooting crops?
I realize its most likely too late to plant the cooler season varieties, so Im quickly trying figure out a good game plan for the summer.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you.



Sabine County TX over 7 years ago

Nuissance beaver removal

I live in Sabine county in far East Texas.
Over the last two weeks I have lost a couple dozen trees to beavers.
I can see their den from my shoreline
I am curious what my alternatives might be.
I'd like to coexist - it's why I moved to the country to begin with.
Are there ways to discourage beavers?
If I do trap, are there any restrictions I need to be aware of?
Texas didn't look to have restriction on trapping / harvesting - although
I would prefer to not go that direction. The National forest is right here...
would appreciate their feeding on that land. Is there a way that I can make that more enticing to the beaver?


Sabine County TX over 4 years ago

What kind of nut or Fruit are these?

I have a hunting lease in Sabine County, Texas and I found these 2 nuts and was wondering what kind were they. Can you please give me some information on these 2 and do you know if deer like them?
Thanks for your help!!!


Nut1_300x300%2523 Nut2_300x300%2523

Sabine County TX almost 4 years ago

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