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Wisteria control/removal

I have 5-6 acres on my farm that has become infested with wisteria. I have been applying Remedy for over 3 years. I've gotten it out of the trees, but it still keeps coming up on the ground. If you can make any suggestions for removing this invasive plant I would appreciate it. I have spent considerable time cutting and removing the roots as well. I apply Remedy to the exposed roots.


Rusk County TX about 4 years ago

Grafted fruit trees

We are wanting to plant some fruit trees and it appears using grafted species is a good way to get different species for pollination. We are wanting peach, apple, cherry, and pear. Can you tell us if this is a good way to select fruit trees and what we need to look for as well as general information regarding the planting. Can they be planted any time, type of soil, etc.


Hank Page


Rusk County TX almost 4 years ago

Mysterious plant

This has come up in my pots. What is it!



Rusk County TX about 3 years ago

How to invest in a Mutual Fund?Benefits of a Mutual Fund?Type of Investment...

How to invest in a Mutual Fund?
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Rusk County TX over 5 years ago


I have a poinsettia from Dec.2013, will it "bloom" red again?


Rusk County TX over 5 years ago

How do i grow sweet cantaloupe (muskmelon)?

What is the best way to grow sweet cantaloupe? I've read different techniques - reducing water close to harvest, reducing the number of melons per runner - which is the best for Rusk county?


Rusk County TX about 4 years ago

drought resistant yard grass

what is a good grass for a country lawn, that doesn't need constant watering? lots of sun, sandy loam soil with some clay a little deeper


Rusk County TX almost 6 years ago

Spray vining fruit?

I have some: grapes, loganberry, thornless blackberries, raspberries, goji and goose berries. I have looked all over the internet and do not find any type of spraying schedule for these unless they have a specific disease. Are there no preventative sprays that they need?


Rusk County TX over 4 years ago

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