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Grass at High Altitude

I live in Northpark at about 8300ft. and am building my home in the middle of an irrigated hay field. I want a yard around the house with grass, what is the best grass seed to just broadcast around the house where I have disturbed the dirt, to get a nice green yard started? I don't need the hay and it is just 6 acres so not a lot of money, I would like to have an acre to an acre and a half very nice grass yard.

Jackson County CO almost 2 years ago

Plant identification


This plant is growing like crazy in my yard and garden, but I can't figure out what it is. I'd like to know what kind of plant it is and what it can be used for before I try and get rid of it. It's leaves are arranged in an alternating pattern and so far I have not seen any flowers or buds.
Thank you for your help.


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Jackson County CO about 1 year ago

advise re yellow jacket nest down in porch

i've sprayed, poured bleach, stuffed cloth in cracks.The wasp seem to be damaging the cement. I'm afraid it's a big nest and getting bigger........ help!
thanks, Kim


Jackson County CO over 6 years ago

Brown with hairy red dots

I found this in Walden, CO at 8600’ crawling in the grass. What kind is it?



Jackson County CO 8 months ago

lawm fertilizer on top of snow

Dear CSU Extension Person,

My lawncare company is apparently wanting to fertilize the lawn even though 35% of the lawn is still covered in snow and the snow is too deep in places where removal is not practical.

Is it ok to put fertilizer on top of snow?

Richard Jackson

Lakewood, CO


Jackson County CO 3 months ago

Moving to Walden Colorado, question on fruit trees.


Wanting to learn about which type of fruit trees will grow at an elevation of 8000-8200 ft in the northpark area of Colorado near Walden, Cowdrey area. Looks like some varieties of apple will grow but how about plums, pears, cherries? Any reliable berries? thanks a bunch.


Jackson County CO almost 6 years ago

roses and morning glory

I have a William Baffin climbing rose that I have climbing up an old, almost dead peach tree. The first question I would like to ask is about pruning. I have seen several videos about pruning roses and most of them say that if you have an old cane that is big and heavy and scruffy brown looking that it should be cut completely out. I do have one of those but it is also the longest ones and the first one to reach up toward the top of the tree. It has a lot of nice new growth going into the peach branches. If I cut it down will more branches take over and climb higher? The poor old peach tree has been hacked away at for years and now resembles a gnarly frame for the rose and is making a great backdrop for it.

The other question is about the rose and morning glory. I bought some dark purple morning glory seed because I thought that I would plant some by the William Baffin and they would look really pretty growing up and around with the dark pink roses. I was reading up on morning glory and now I am afraid that it could take over and strangle the rose. Is it a bad idea to plant them together?


Jackson County CO about 2 years ago

High altitude roses

Which varieties of roses and blackberries could I cultivate above 8,000 feet at the northern most part of North Park, Jackson County?


Jackson County CO almost 3 years ago

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