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suggested concentration of borax powder per gallon of water for follage spray on beets

Some literature suggests that spraying beets with boron improves resistance to some of the rot problems.

Borax seems to be a convenient source for small amounts of this type of spray program, but is there any recommendations for the concentration of borax in water?

While searching for a concentration, I found suggestions that boron can be beneficial for other crops as diverse as cotton and tomatoes.



Robertson County Texas over 4 years ago

Oak trees

We have two large oak trees that suddenly had all of their leaves turn yellow. All of the other oak trees seem to be fine. Wondering if there is a way to save these trees.


Robertson County Texas almost 5 years ago

Is there life after Crape Murder?

I purchased a home North of Hearne TX last fall. There are several white crape myrtles on the property, two of which were previously subjected to severe topping. I believe the intent of the perpetrator was murder, but these two have survived but are now stunted. It also appears that the topping was repeated several times, resulting in large balls of smaller branches atop the several main trunks.
My question is this: Is there any method of correcting the damage? Perhaps one more murder session of pruning off the balls of smaller branches? ... or is the situation hopeless?



Robertson County Texas almost 5 years ago

shaded yard

my new place in Hearne, TX is nearly all covered with live oak. What can I grow under those trees?


Robertson County Texas over 5 years ago

reference for pre-emerge herbicides for veggie garden

Can you recommend a reference for selection and use of pre-emerge herbicides in a vegetable garden to control both broad-leaf annuals and grasses?


Robertson County Texas over 3 years ago

Satsuma Orange Frost

We are thinking of planting a Satsuma Orange Frost tree. Do you know if the tree is deer resistant? We are trying to decide whether we need to plant it inside the boundaries of a high-fenced garden.

Thank you for any information you might have.


Robertson County Texas over 5 years ago

Large Elm Tree losing live branches

We have a large mature elm tree in Robertson county that is losing live live branches. We have had 3 come down in the past 3-4 months. Leaves are green and present. Tree appears healthy, good foliage, plenty of root area exposed and not under a building or something that would prevent moisture absorption by the roots. The branches tend to be about 4-8" in diameter that break off.
Concerned about losing the tree. Tree is at least 20-25 years old. Any advice would be appreciated or scheduling a visit for evaluation would be great too.


Robertson County Texas over 3 years ago

Can you suggest plants for windbreak in Robertson County sandy soil?

We would appreciate suggestions for a row of windbreak trees on the south end of our 10-acre market garden / orchard located about 5 miles south of Hearne and between Hwy 6 and the Little Brazos bottoms. The location is near the boundary of Zones 8a & 8b and about 350 ft elevation.

The soil map describes the sandy soil as slightly acid, but on the south end of the property where the windbreak would be, there is a layer of reddish clay under the sand.

The orchard we are starting includes stone fruit (peaches, nectarines, plums) nearest where the windbreak would be, but further north and at lower elevation we have apples and pears and pecans.

I am concerned about providing host plants for problems such as cedar apple rust on apple trees that will be downwind during the warm season.


Robertson County Texas about 5 years ago

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