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Bareroot transplant failures

I have a problem with bareroot transplant failure for pecans and walnuts. Bareroot transplants of peaches, pears, apples work fine. The problem is that the transplanted tree will bud out and grow until mid-summer and then within one week the leaves will turn brown, cambrium turns brown, and new shoots will sprout below the graft. The trees are well watered and some even have 18 inches of new growth before the dieback event occurs. I cutback the trees about 1/4 - 1/3 at planting. Any ideas? Thanks


Red River County TX almost 7 years ago


I live in clarksville tx. Near Texarkana. What do I do with my Bulbs now that they are done blooming?


Red River County TX over 4 years ago

What plant is this?

This is a small start of a plant I got at a garage sale. It is in with a pothos vine (a few leaves of pothos are visible in the picture). It feels like a succulent and trails like pothos. The leaves and vine/stalk are completely smooth. It has root nubs all along the vine.



Red River County TX over 2 years ago


This spider was found crawling on me, and I haven't a clue what it is. It has a dark head, lighter body with markings that are even on its stomach as seen in one picture and lots of dark bads along its little legs. Can you help me figure out what kind of spider this is??


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Red River County TX over 1 year ago

cattle management calendar

Several years ago, the Texas Agricultural Extension Service published a guide titled "A Management Calendar for Fall Calving." Is there a similar publication for a spring calving herd?


Red River County TX about 7 years ago

Help! Grasshoppers are destroying my yard.

The last three years, grasshoppers have destroyed everything in my yard. They start with the rose bushes. Once they strip those, they move to fruit trees, vegetable garden, and end the season by stripping the Japanese Holly. Walking through the yard is like walking through waves of hoppers. Last year I applied Neem oil, Semaspore bait, and Ecobran with limited success. I just could not keep up with them. I don't want to kill the beneficial insects or birds. I need help.


Red River County TX almost 6 years ago

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