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Starting a Pig Farm.

Could you advise a future and first time pig farmer on some of the essential to starting a pig farm, as well as, what the state requirement are and who might be able to assist us with info on equipment, websites and or referral that might be useful and can be accessed for info and purchasing merchandise and etc..


Rains County Texas over 7 years ago

Point, TX soil

I have property in Rains County. The soil appears to be a combination of white/grey clay and sand. We have many oak and cedar trees on the property. What kind of fruit trees, bushes or vines can I plant on this type of soil?


Rains County Texas over 5 years ago

New Horse Hauling Rules

I'm so confused by this whole thing. There is so much info out there that is confusing and misleading. Many of my friends are rushing out to get CDL class A licenses! I am a recreational trailrider traveling all over the country, I reside in Texas. My GVWR on my trailer is 15,210 lbs., actual weight is only 7000 lbs. My truck GVWR is 9000lbs. I am under the 26,000 lbs limit, BUT my trailer GVWR is over that 10,000 limit............Do I need a special license????


Rains County Texas over 2 years ago

Wildflower meadow

I have an acre meadow on Lake Fork. It originally was a bahia pasture. Currently, it has a mixture of paint brush, black eyed susan, yarro, 6 ft black eyed susan (not sure of name), purple flowers and others along with bermuda and bahia grass. What are your recommendations for killing bahia grass while not harming the wildflowers? Thanks, Howard Ladewig


Rains County Texas about 5 years ago

soil problems

i have a 4000 square foot vegtable garden. been working it about four years. never have had any luck raising vegtables. i live outside of emory texas and the soil is sandy. i had a soil test done and came back ph was okay but i needed nitrogen. added 100 lbs of 33-0-0. my beans and corn only about 10 % came up. my tomatoes only grew to about a foot tall. squash took 90 days to do anything.
i think it is my soil but i don't know what to do. any help appreciated.

jerry heath


Rains County Texas over 6 years ago

Starting a lavender farm

We are planning on planting various varieties of lavender this upcoming fall. We are in Rains Co. And have a lot of grasshoppers. How do we effectively get rid of the hoppers now so they don't munch on our new plants. Should we address the hoppers with chickens maybe? How many chickens would we need to our address hopper problem with our 10 acres of lavender plants? Thanks, Lisa


Rains County Texas almost 7 years ago

I have lost many Red oaks up to 36" due to drought and disease. Now I...

I have lost many Red oaks up to 36" due to drought and disease. Now I have a 43" water oak that has several 9" limbs dying from the end. Should I cut off only the dead end or the entire limb at the trunk? Should it be done now or during the winter? Thank you for your assistance. Don


Rains County Texas over 6 years ago

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