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Help with a live oak

My live oak has numerous bored holes encircling the trunk about every 3 feet. What could cause this and how should I treat it? Thanks lots.


Polk County Texas trees and shrubs horticulture over 5 years ago

oak tree evaluation

Have oak tree. 8ft circumference. Need recommendation for knowledgeable person (expert) on whether or not tree can be save. Lightning struck many years ago.


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Polk County Texas trees and shrubs horticulture about 6 years ago

Growing Hybrid Chestnut Trees in the Lufkin TX Area

I would like to attract more deer to my property and have been reading which nut trees are best for that purpose. I found that the Burr Oak is a good oak trees for its quality and size of acorn but pails in comparison to the Chestnut tree. I also understand that when the Chinese Chestnut was brought into this county that they also brought in a blight that decimated the American Chestnut tree. I also found that there have been some success in creating hybrid Chestnut trees by crossing the American with the Chinese variety to create a tree that is not as susceptible to the disease.

So my question is will a Chestnut tree grow specifically in Polk county Texas and if so where would I be able to purchase some of these trees. Second question, I am also planting pecans, and hickory trees for wildlife, is there other trees I should considered. I have a bottom land (clay) as well as sandy loam soil.

Thanks for your advice


Polk County Texas trees and shrubs wildlife habitat about 5 years ago

Vegetable seeds to Nigeria

I am a Texan from Livingston, Texas. My associates in Nigeria have a severe demand for vegetable seeds. No commercial seed supplier will supply. They have contract with government but no success. Will you discuss this with me. email please.John Wells, CEO www.powermain.us


Polk County Texas fruits and vegetables horticulture almost 6 years ago

Tomato Question

I am planning on growing tomatoes in a five- gallon bucket. How much water would a mature tomato plant need per week for maximum production?


Polk County Texas almost 3 years ago

What is eating the leaves on my pecan tree?

All of my pecan tree leaves have been eaten up by caterpillars. I have searched the Internet and come up with the walnut caterpillar. Upon looking around the region, nearly all the pecan trees are eaten up. I live in southern Polk County in Texas. Can you send me information on these critters, and what might be done to detour another outbreak?


Polk County Texas trees and shrubs insect issues pecan horticulture lrk horticulture over 5 years ago

Starting a Pecan Orchard (soil test)

I am in the early process of starting a 15 acre pecan orchard close to Livingston Texas. At this time I have 35 trees planted and will expand to 180. However before extending the orchard I would like to have my soil tested to determine what it lacks for growing pecan trees. Will you please let me know how I go about having my soil tested.


Polk County Texas soil and fertility issues pecan horticulture horticulture about 5 years ago

Grow barley in Livingston?

Would it grow?


Polk County Texas field crops almost 6 years ago

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