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In Dr. Renchie's class he mentioned an acronym used in the pest control industry that I did not have time to write down with all of the meanings. Can you tell me what that was and what each letter stands for? Thank you very much


Panola County Texas pesticide safety over 4 years ago

Weed/wildflower identification

We have this weed/wildflower growing in our East-Texas yard. Could you please identify it?


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Panola County Texas over 3 years ago

The best type of grass for a lawn in East TX.

I have a large lawn in East TX (15 miles south of I-20 and 10 miles west of the LA line). I have both, direct sunlight and shaded areas. I am thinking of planting Bermuda but read on your website that it is intolerant to shade. Could I plant Bermuda in the open and Centipede in the shaded area, or maybe a comobination of the two in the shaded areas?




Panola County Texas lawns and turf horticulture over 5 years ago

Deer browse

What is this plant called?


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Panola County Texas about 2 years ago

Identify plant

What is the name of this plant?


Panola County Texas about 4 years ago

Log In Question

I may need to update my log in information. I am logged in, but I do not have a record of my password. Do I need to update? I just tried to participate in a training for military, "Compassion Fatigue." We were unable to log in because of certificate errors. I am current on both Adobe updates. Any suggestions for troubleshooting?


Panola County Texas about 4 years ago

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