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Easement Question

Can a person buy property that I inherited and have used for a lifetime and block access to my property when there are no other accesses to my property; in essence, land locking my property? I want to sell my property but I am being told I am "land locked" which makes the 160 acres virtually unmarketable. The person who has purchased the property between me and the highway says I am trespassing when I cross his property. . .he has offered to purchase my property at price considerably below the fair market value. Thank you for your consideration to my question which applies to a situation I am now currently facing. Patricia.


Palo Pinto County Texas ag law over 4 years ago

Salvia doesn't bloom

I may be mistaken, but is this a salvia? It grew voluntarily next to another salvia. But it doesn't bloom as the other one does. Any ideas wht it is or why it doesn't bloom?

Thank you for your help!



Palo Pinto County Texas trees and shrubs over 3 years ago


Found this plant about 50 miles west of Fort Worth Texas. It's a vine of some type growing in a wooded area so it was not planted



Palo Pinto County Texas plant identification over 4 years ago

dying oaks

HELP! Our beautiful oak trees are dying. We have already lost 4 in our yard and many more in our woods. More are showing same signs: dead limbs, bark damage, thin foliage. Do you have someone who can come examine and make recommendations to save the remaining trees?
Thank you!


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Palo Pinto County Texas about 3 years ago

aquatic plants for waterfowl

I want to plant some safe, native aquatic plants to create a food source for waterfowl. It is a small pond, about one half acre with an average depth of four feet. We are located in North Texas. I want to plant things that won't get out of control.


Palo Pinto County Texas birds freshwater aquaculture recreational pond management aquatic weed control pond aquaculture raising waterfowl almost 7 years ago

What is this plant?

I found this plant growing on the side of the road. It has velvet like leaves.


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Palo Pinto County Texas about 3 years ago

Shumard red oak

I just plant several oak trees after the rains in the Dallas area. 3 out of the 6 trees I planted now look dead. They are all wilted. But if you break off a limb it is still green. I noticed the root ball is wet. The trees are 30 gallons that I purchased from a nursery. Do you think the trees are bad or should I give them time for they may be in shock?


Palo Pinto County Texas trees and shrubs horticulture over 4 years ago

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