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hybrid burmuda grass

is this a good grass for a west texas yard and how to plant it does it come in the sod how do i prepaer the soil for planting it and where can i get it and a approx cost per pallet


Nolan County TX about 7 years ago

What is this pasture plant and what wi kill it?

See picture. Do you know what these pasture plants are and what kills em? They grow lil berries bout the size of cherry tomatoes. Light green. They have invaded all my pastures. I possess a restricted spray license.


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Nolan County TX almost 6 years ago


Have a couple of cottonwoods that are struggling. They were sprayed for boars in the spring. What do you think?


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Nolan County TX over 4 years ago

Name of product to control rust on figs trees

Articles suggest using neutral copper spray. NO product is labeled such. Another article says to use organic materials containing copper. What product is this? Liqui-cop has 34% copper ammonium (8% metallic copper) but label info doesn't say to use this on figs. I would appreciate it If you would just give me the name of the product to use. Another article said to use copper-lime.


Nolan County TX almost 5 years ago

Dormant Weeds

I've just moved into a new home ---with an atrocious lawn. Fortunately, I love pulling weeds. Question: Does it do any good for me to pull dormant weeds? The soil is fairly soft; I seem to be getting the root. I don't want to disturb the seeds and stir up more weeds. The 3 things I most want to get rid of are the things in the pictures (Dead stick things in Pic 1;dormant weeds and green weeds that I used Roundup on in Pic 2 and 3). What should I do? Thank you!


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Nolan County TX over 6 years ago

Beef Cattle Nutrition prior to breeding

I am located in central west texas. I need some information on proper beef cattle nutrition requirements leading up to breeding. I have cows that calved in the last 30 days. They were put on wheat after they calved and score anywhere from a 4 to 6 in body condition. We will be or these cows at the end of March using a Timed A.I. Synchronization program. We will pull off of our wheat anywhere from March 1 to March 15. We probably won't have any spring grass yet to graze so we'll have to dry lot these cattle and feed them for 10-20 days prior to breeding.
1.) What do we need to feed during this time in order to meet all their nutritional requirements and give them the best opportunity to get bred?
2.) How much do we need to feed/hd/day?
3.) What mineral supplementation should be used and how much?

We also have some yearling heifers that we will breeding during the same time. They are also currently on wheat but will be pulled off at the same time as the cows above. So what would we need to do differently for these?



Nolan County TX over 6 years ago

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