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three sided pecan

I have a pecan tree in my back yard that is leaning pretty extremely and o am going to have to cut it down soon. My two bothers of this is one, its absolutely huge and I hate losing such a grand tree, and two, it puts on three sided pecans. Now I guess my question is, are three sided rare? I've cracked many a pecan and have never seen another one. And its every year that it happens. I would like to preserve the tree, since it is in such imminent danger, by possibly growing another one from seed. Any info you could give me on the right process would be greatly appreciated.


Navarro County Texas over 5 years ago

Drouth tolerant cattle grass

Recommendations for drouth tolerant grazing grass for Navarro county, texas. We have basically lost most of our managed coastal. Tried jigs, drouth yielded no significant stand. Have weed sprayed and fertilized to no avail, with appropriate soil tests, also limed. Looking to try something else probably more toward natives. We have, usually, good clover and rye, sometimes Oates and/or wheat in winter but summer is tough to get through. Any suggestions on grass varieties with according planting/maintenance suggestions appreciated. Oblige, Jim Compton


Navarro County Texas almost 7 years ago

Raising Heritage Hogs


I was trying to find information on raising heritage hogs in Texas and wondered if you had any resources you'd recommend. Most of the books I've found have had little information on the impact of the Texas heat and general environment on hog raising so if there are any area-specific sources of information I'd really appreciate getting pointed in the right direction. Thanks!



Navarro County Texas about 5 years ago

Which Bryophyllum?

My friend and I trade plants and we are stumped on which one of the family this little lady is. Her mama is huge and made this baby.



Navarro County Texas about 1 month ago

Methley plum blooming in October

I have two methley plums that for the 2nd year in a row have bloomed starting last week of October extending into November. Why? How do I correct?

No blossoms in spring so I assume that these blossoms are what would normally be opening in fruit of course. Water is inconsistent due to drought. Foliage appears normal time in spring and appears to grow as expected. Soil is black land gumbo that sits on a clay layer at about 30 inches deep.


Navarro County Texas over 5 years ago

burr weed control

We live in north central texas and have a problem with burr weed in our St. Augustine grass. How do we eradicate it. I know we will probably have to spray something every year but we do not know what weed killer is best.


Navarro County Texas over 3 years ago

tomato insect/animal problem

I have looked at your pictures but did not see anything on my problem. I have a 2,500 sq. ft. tomato garden that is located 40 miles south of Dallas and 4 miles west of I45. Out ranch is located directly on the south Ellis County and the north west Navarro county line. I have quite a few different varieties. Known pests present are rabbits, grasshoppers, and birds..

My problem is that up to about 25% of the tomato is eaten off almost smooth on one side, like a sander had hit it. Some of these tomatoes are as tall as 24" above the ground. The ones eaten are full size and ripe.

While I do use some fertilizer, I do not use pesticides on my garden.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Jim Mecom


Navarro County Texas almost 6 years ago

In pasture .. annual

What is this weed in pasture in Navarro county Texas. Has a seed head like a dandelion but a little smaller.


Navarro County Texas over 4 years ago

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