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bahia grass patches in san augustine

what is the most effective way to kill out bahia and other grass species in a san augustine lawn?


Nacogdoches County Texas almost 7 years ago

Chinquapin Trees

I live in Nacogdoches, TX and would like to plant some Chinquapin trees but because of the blight that came through years ago I've been told they would now make it. Would you give me a rundown on what to expect should I plant any and what possible preventative measures I can take to insure the blight doesn't kill them. I understand there are several blights that act on these trees and I've also been told the chestnut blight has been taken care of yet there must be others out there? Any information you can give me would be appreciated. Thanks for you time and support.



Nacogdoches County Texas almost 4 years ago

master gardener class

can they change the hours for the classes in Nacogdoches county to 6pm to 9pm so that working people can attend.That is the reason many people didnt sign up this time because they work.If so please contact me and I will let people know or be glad to hand out flyers or something to get the word out. thanks, g. tucker


Nacogdoches County Texas over 5 years ago

Killing grass in a vegetable garden

Is it safe to use round up for grass in a vegetable e garden and plant vegetables next spring?


Nacogdoches County Texas about 5 years ago

Is this plant lovage or borage or something else?

I planted it from seed and lost the marker. It has weathered a first frost. Leaves are large, about a foot each. First season. Never made a flower.



Nacogdoches County Texas over 4 years ago

Non Invasive pond plants

Could you please supply me with a list of non invasive plants for a new pond in east Texas. I do not want something that will take my pond over


Nacogdoches County Texas over 4 years ago

Cottonseed Meal and raising tomatoes

Is cottonseed meal a useful amendment to the soil when planting tomatoes? If so, is it used like nitrogen? Should it be mixed into the soil when the soil is tilled or just added with each plant? Is it used as a side dressing? If so, how often?


Nacogdoches County Texas about 6 years ago

Social studies garden

I would like to plant a few examples of crops that are important in social studies for America at our school. Specifically, I would like the children to see cotton, wheat, peanuts, soy beans, and sugar cane plants growing. I have the sugar cane and can get peanuts, but where can I find cotton, wheat, and soy bean seed in very small amounts?
Thank you,
Pam Neely


Nacogdoches County Texas about 6 years ago

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